Saturday, January 21, 2012

Iceland Bound and Back to NBMIITF

Well that's all my flights booked to Iceland for Fanfest.

Just done the tickets for Fanfest itself. Had a bit of trouble on deciding on the other trips. The Pub Crawl with a Dev was a must, but still couldn't decide on the others. Don't worry, those going won't have to suffer my hairy man-boobs at the Sunday Blue Lagoon do, I'm heading back on Sunday. So instead went for the VIP dinner with the CEO and Devs. Appears to be for a good cause.

The wife still cannot understand why I'd spend so much money to spend a long weekend with, and I quote, "a horde of geeks" when the same cash would have bought us both a weeks all-inclusive holiday in the Maldives.

When not in New Eden I prefer scuba diving and underwater photography in the Maldives or Red Sea

Anyway, I've pacified her with some new shoes and the fact that she's joining me on the majority of the flights so she can spend a week with her parents back in the UK. She'll be travelling back to the southwest of England whilst I'm stuck in Heathrow airport for six hours awaiting the Iceland Air flight. Anyone else on the 12:10pm flight on 21st March from Heathrow? I'll buy you a pint or 12 to pass the time! I'll even try and find a guards bearskin hat so I look sort of like my Twitter pic so people can easily find me:-

This will be my first Fanfest so don't really know what to expect. Should be interesting!

I got another bit of good news last week. I sent a Tweet out asking whether the bug with faction war, faction standings and remote assistance to GCC/pirate militia mates has been fixed. Apparently it's in testing and might make Crucible 1.1 next week. WOOT! Seriously, what other game can you Tweet and you get and answer back from the Devs within hours.

For those of you who don't know about it, there is a bug in faction war relating to naughty criminals. If you use any form of remote assistance when in faction war on someone who is GCC or -5.0 security status or worse, you take a faction standings hit. Basically your Empire punishes you for assisting a militia mate who's fighting for that empire???

In blob warfare this wouldn't be an issue as logistics are rarely used. But faction war is not blob warfare, and logistics can easily turn a battle in small to medium gang warfare which is faction war.

This bug was the reason we as a corp had to rat up from -10 when we rejoined faction war last year after trying the low-sec pirate thing. I'm currently -2.99 and getting utterly fed up as there are limited squids (Caldari militia) or pirates to shoot in our area currently.

So the decision has been made. We are placing our trust in CCP that the bug will be fixed and deployed next week. Therefore we have a new corp policy.....

Last time the decision was made I was not keen on going pirate. This post here explains my reasoning's (TL;DR - I like playing the good guys in computer games). However now having previously been a -10 filthy pirate and loved it, I have no issues this time around. The fact you have so many more targets, the fact more skill and judgement is needed due to the game mechanics (gate guns, GCC) and the fact that so many people Leeroy into un-winnable fights with you simply because you are a pirate - "I'm going to solo that pirate in a destroyer in my frigate because I have the side of good with me! Therefore I cannot lose!" /pop

So it's time to hoist the Jolly Roger and return to NBMIITF* with extreme prejudice.

Why am I so happy with this? Well if you skip back through this blog you'll notice that battle reports have been getting fewer. The Caldari Militia are no longer the force they were. So going pirate, along with the forthcoming alliances in faction war, hopefully epic space battles will re-commence!

*Not Blue, Murder It In The Face


  1. "In blob warfare...logistics are rarely used."

    I think we have different ideas of what blob warfare are. Could you explain what blob warfare means to you? Pretty much every fleet I've been on in null that could probably or definitely be called a blog has logistics (except for gatecamps and a few nano gangs).

    Does it differ that much in low-sec?

    1. Agreed, my experience in null-sec often had logistics in the so-called 'blob warfare'. Granted, not all the time, but logistics was wanted and asked for.

  2. My experience of null sec has been mostly 500-a-side with alpha BS and lots of caps. Rarely saw a logistics.

    Then again this is Eve. Are two peoples experiences ever the same :)

  3. We did epic space battle, ass still hurts :)

    Also, for once I agree with the wife of someone in SOTF :)

    Maldives with your wife and an expensive hooker for both of you > Iceland sausagefest

  4. Damn Drack I wish I had read this earlier and saw you were going to fanfest. We could have gotten pissed up and attempted to conquer Iceland together. Oh and when we were in Null there were Logi in those fail fleets. I can't believe you don't remember S8 and I going ballistic with their Logi chain setup and how dumb they did things......good times :)

    Oh by the way its Wlad, I'm too drunk to figure how to put my damn name on this comment.

    1. Cougar do'er! I think the reference was to blob warfare. Remember O2O and 500 Abaddons targeting you? Logi don't help much there. Yes in 0.0 small gang they are useful but not in mass-blobs.

      Get your ass to Iceland. It'll be awesomesauce! I'm sure they'll be Cougars out there! :p

  5. I'll see if I can swing getting there mate but doesn't look too good with my classes. Also once you are in a semi competent or boss Alliance, like I am lucky to be in, you find that Logi not only work but are an important part of the blob combat. Sucks that our little taste of Null was with some poor company but I blame Gall for getting delusions of grandeur and taking us out there hehehe.

    1. Classes? Classes? We don't need no stinking classes! Get your arse out there you light-weight! A weekend of partying, drinking and important internet spaceships.

      What can be more important than that? Education? It's overrated!