Sunday, January 29, 2012

Kill The Flashy Chat Button NOW!

I have a couple of issues with the new Neocom. Have you?

Did you go on the test server, identify these annoyances and feed them back to CCP before the patch? Well then, tbh you cannot moan that much then, just like me.

But you can do something about the number one annoyance... the blinking chat icon of DOOM! Whilst many other icons can be removed, the blinking chat icon of DOOM is a hardy little fellow and won't die as easily as the others. But there is a way. Here is a quick guide on how to remove the BCIoD from your Neocom.

Firstly add a few more buttons to your Neocom. I added contracts and corporation as I use these regularly.

Then drag the blinking chat icon of DOOM to the bottom.

Next enlargen the side bar by dragging the edge out towards your ship. This makes the icons bigger and soon enough the flashing chat icon of DOOM drops off the bottom. If it doesn't drop off the bottom, add a few more buttons.

It, and any others that dropped off the bottom) are replaced by a small menu icon. Click that icon and it's still there, hanging on by it's finger tips.

Now right click it and select remove.

It's dead. MUHAHAHAHAHAHAHA. If you need to find it, it's located in the menu at the top of the Neocom.

Now where is the fracking Militia button gone? I want to depress myself with stats on how badly our enemies are failing and not fighting whilst in space.


  1. They released a patch that fixes this already, which at the same time breaks the method outlined here.

    Also, you may want to know, if you go into the menu, you can drag buttons from it onto the Neocom bar, and they'll permanently reside there. So you can do that for the militia window and have it constantly handy :)

    1. Ahhh. I fail. Look before you post :)

      Had been trying to explain this in chat and on Twitter with limited success. Hadn't heard it had been fixed.

      I tried dragging the Militia button across but it didn't work. Will try again if I can get on tonight. Damn visiting mother-in-law and work affecting important internet spaceship time!

  2. Just a note. If you do this, and you have a lot of channel stacks, minimizing any channel that doesn't have a permanent channel (eg. local, corp alliance, militia) in it will cause that stack to vanish. You can get it back, but it's a right pain to do.

  3. While I haven't tested this, if you disable blink (right-click on the label for each channel and select "Blink Off"), when the chat windows are minimized the blinking, it *should not* exist (since blink is off, eh? ;)).