Saturday, January 7, 2012

The Ups and Downs of Eve Online

Sorry about the blog spam, usually I leave two or three days between posts but Friday has been a very special day.....

First off, Friday is the first day of the weekend for me. Living in an Middle Eastern country and Friday being the holy day, it is the equivalent of Sunday in the west. So whilst I'm able to play during the day, it's usually quiet with most Eve players in the West at work or in bed depending on their timezone. However there is usually some squids (Caldari Militia) to shoot at. It would seem that this Friday was an exception. I left Nisuwa to have a bit of a solo roam and headed to Enaluri, the Caldari Militia staging system in low sec. I jump in..... and I'm the only one there.

WTF? Oh well I'll head up to their other staging area, Rakapas. Surely there are some Caldari Militia there...

Seriously??? I'll head up to Tama. No squids there either! OK I'll head down to Heyd via the Fliet pipe. OMG there's one! A squid....

.... in a Manticore stealth bomber.....

.... running a mission.......

.... who runs as soon as I enter system.

So back to Nisuwa via Heyd and that's it! ONE squid in that entire roam!

So I do some ratting to improve my sec status and get even more bored. Not a good day so far in Eve so I dock up and go off to do something else in a huff. So far my Eve day has NOT been a happy one.

Meanwhile on Twitter, Rixx Javix, Lord Commander of the Eve Online Blog Pack posted this.....

Could I actually make the list? Nah! Although I personally think this blog is good enough, we all think what we do is the mutts nuts don't we? Like the parents who are convinced that their son is the best footballer in the world and will play for the national team. So whilst I'm happy with my blog, I doubt it'll make the legendary Eve Blog Pack.

Anyway, wifey wants to go out for cocktails so we head out to Trader Vic's bar in town. I keep checking Twitter on the mobile and as promised Rixx Javix posts this sometime later after I''ve scoffed down a meat platter and half a dozen Absolute Vodkas.

So who has made it I wonder? I head over to the Eveogander post to take a peak.......

OMG! OMG! OMG! From having a crap day in Eve I'm now smiling the smile I usually reserve for... well, a scenario I cannot write about here! For those in the know, lets just call it "doing a Greg6" or as recently revealed "Doing a Loren Gallen".

Wow! Seriously, I'm really honored! I was grinning like a loon for the rest of the night. I tried to explain to the wife why I was so happy and all she could respond with is "So that means you are a REALLY BIG geek?".

At this point I need to give a big thank you to Kazz aka Eelis Kiy of Where the Frack is My Ship fame who sent me down this road about 7 months ago and gave me a huge amount of advice on the world of blogging. WTFiMS was also a Blog Pack member before Eelis went off to play with that dirty Warhammer, so I suppose it's gone full circle..... or should I say "Now the circle is complete" :)

Whilst I'm in a 'happy thanking' mood, I've got to say thanks to Rixx Javix for not only putting me on the Pack but for taking over the reins when Crazy Kinux stood down as Lord Commander of the Blog Pack. Next my fellow corpies in Shadows of the Federation who make an awesome sounding board on the forums. And finally, also a big thanks to you guys and gals for coming here and reading my musings, rantings, battle reports and my slightly dodgy fiction!

So here is the full Eve Online Blog Pack as of today:-

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  1. Congrats :)

    I only found your blog very recently, but glad I did. Keep on writing, keep on rocking :)

  2. Back in the day when I was just starting to get a taste of pvp in Eve-O there was this nice but stubborn noob in my corp who just did that weird mining thing. He would log off whenever we joined up to FW. Then when we did actually manage to get him to come out with us for some pvp we always found ourselves in a disaster fleet. Eventually he did get to see a few good scraps which got him a bit more interested in pewpew. Fast forward a few months and that noob guy comes with us to join a “pvp only” corp. Fast forward some more months and he has become a director in that pvp corp and begun a journey that will take him from FW to 0.0, from sov war politics to forming a new alliance, from anti-pirate to total bloody yarrbear, and all the way back to the Gallente Militia again. He eventually got into blogging and tweeting about his pewpew adventures and now he is in the blog-pack. A nice illustration of the way the experiences and personal story of Eve can play out if you stick with it for long enough. Grats on getting into the blog-pack Drack :)

  3. Cool story bro!

    Seriously, welcome aboard and well deserved.

  4. Congrats Drackarn! You definitely deserve to be on that blog pack! Just remember, with fame comes responsibility. (That means that if you want to stay on it, you'd best keep blogging on the regular!)

  5. H - Thanks
    Eelis - Don't know who you are talking about!
    Rixx - You're "Cool story bro'ing" me? You put me on the list so what does that say about you? ;)
    Truen1ght - Thanks and yes. Great power/great responsibility and all that ;)
    SS - Competition to the mighty Freebooted? I think not!