Monday, February 27, 2012

10 Commandments for Eve Online - Inferno

So Eve Online : Inferno will be the summer expansion. Base on the theme of "War" apparently. There are rumours. Super CONCORD. 9 circles of security. A way of opting out of war decs. Some sound good, some sound terrible and I hope they are only rumours cooked up by carebear who's stared at an asteroid too long (Sol Burke quote FTW!) If I could give CCP 10 commandments for the next expansion, these would be they...

1. Thou Shall Fixeth Faction War
Where do I start? Plenty of ideas on the forums for the past gazillion years! Main ones being.

  • Nerf missions and reward PvP
  • Make system capture mean something rewarding. Give people a reason to plex.
  • Encourage fighting by increasing LP for PvP kills.
  • Discourage mission farming (Sniper NPCs so assplode stealth bombers and stasis web towers to stop speed tanking)
  • Implement "Incursions" to FW. The enemy navy encroaching into the hi-sec border areas of each Empire.
  • Etc etc etc (see Hans Jagerblitzen for details!)

2. Thou Shall Not Avoid War
No player corp should be able to avoid a war dec. If you want to be totally war dec free join an NPC corp and pay the tax rate for your "protection". If hi-sec griefers are a problem, fix the bounty system so the carebears can hire bounty hunters (cheaper than a merc corp).

3. Thou Shall Not Play Docking Games
The redocking timer should be tied to the invulnerability period. They should be exactly the same for stations. If you are careful you can undock and redock safely.... most the time.

4. Forgive Those who Trespass Against You
Reduce the GCC down to 5 minutes in low-sec.

5. Thou Shall Not Partake of Fighter-Bombers in Low-Sec
Generally people agree super-capitals are deeply unbalanced in low-sec. There has been many calls to ban them to null-sec only. But that makes moving them very difficult. So as with titans, just stop their primary weapon from being deployed in low-sec. As titans cannot use their doomsday weapon in low-sec currently, make it so super-carriers cannot deploy fighter-bombers in low-sec. Fixed!

6. Gank Those That Would Gank Against Us.
Transferable kill rights. Someone suicide ganked you in high-sec? Are you a total bear and being able to shoot him back is pointless. Transfer your kill rights to a registered bounty hunter corp who will exact your revenge.

7. See No Evil (for CONCORD)
GCC only occurs when in sight of gate/station guns in low-sec. Those travelling through the system or to a station have some protection from the GCC mechanic. Those sat in top bait sorry top belt, shaking their ass are fair targets.

8. Thou Should Seek Absolution Through Low-Sec
Empire rats should be the only ones that give you security status increase. If CONCORD are not bothered who you assplode in 0.0 why should they care what rats you assplode! Suddenly all ratters have to come to low-sec to increase their sec-status. Targets!

9. Give and Thou Shall Receive
Bounty system is not fit for purpose. It should be based on ISK lost of the ship and fittings. Catching a pod in low/high sec is nigh on impossible and any sufficiently high bounty makes claiming it with an alt very worthwhile.

10. The Quest for the Holy Crucible
The Crucible expansion was good. New ships, balancing, new art and fixes after fixes. Keep this up. But also remember not to go too silly just on concentrating on fixes, it's not going to attract a lot of completely new blood. More content is also needed to keep people interested and to attract new subscribers. We need both!


  1. On board with almost all of it. I'm not sure about #8, but I can see the logic to it. Forward to CCP?

    1. Obviously I'm biased as it would put more PvP players in low-sec.