Wednesday, February 29, 2012

I'm Watching You

Have you noticed a new face in your area?

Has a new pilot been buzzing around your system in a frigate apparently not doing anything for days? Just logging in, flying a few circuits of the surrounding systems and then logging off?

Oh, they are doing things. They are looking, they are watching.

They are looking at your area of low-sec, they are watching you. The space you consider your home, the pilots that are your corpies and friends.

Whilst he watches, he makes notes, he asks himself questions.

Does there appear to be a dominant corp or alliance in this area? What is their KB like? Are they PvP active or reactive? What is their efficiency? What ships do they kill, more importantly what ships do they fly. How do they fit their ships? Are they T1 fliers or faction ship/officer equipped loot-piñatas? What is their fleet composition? Are they a rag-tag bunch of ships thrown together or is there some thought going into ship choice for the fleet? Do they use logistics or ECM. Do they prefer armour or shield? Are capitals evident? Do they have a batphone? Do they have friends in the area?

What's the security status of their members? Do they rat 23.5/7 and are goody-two-shoes +5's who would never go GCC or are they wannabe's hovering in the 0 to -4.99 range. Are they red flashy pies?

What do their Eve-O forum posts say. Are they PvP, Carebear or a mix. What's their stats? Are they are a large alliance with plenty of corps?

What are the people in space doing? Are they camping gates, running exploration sites, roaming, ratting, doing PI, faction warring or mining. What ship types are in space? How many potential targets are there around in the different TZ's.

Who owns the PoCo's and the PoS's. Is it the dominant alliance? I wonder what would happen if we kicked the hornets nest? Are those PoS's heavily defended? Could a strike force reinforce one? Will that bring a response?

Is there a good base near? A station with medical and repair facilities? Can our logistical chain support us there? Where is the nearest trade hub? Can we access other regions without going through hi-sec for our -5 members? Is there a null-sec entry near by for something different? Can our capitals jump there easily?

Mmmmmm..... this area looks interesting.

Oh yes..... I am busy! Very busy.....


P.S. Loved this video - Hans Jagerblitzen for CSM 7!

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