Saturday, March 3, 2012

It's a Trap - Fan Fiction

As she entered the bar several patrons looked her way, the clicking of her heels on the metallic floor announcing her arrival. A number of men smiled at her, hoping to try and attract her their way, but she tried not to make eye contact. She was looking for new faces, men she hadn't seen before. She started to approach the bar, carefully studying each person sat there.

She had done this a dozen times. She had yet to find what she was looking for, but she would kept trying. This was the most exclusive bar she had access to on the station, but it was rare to find what she was after this low down on the station in terms of decks. But she knew there was always a chance.

Suddenly she caught a glimpse of what she was looking for, a slight glimmer of metal on the back of one mans neck. Half hidden by his hair and jacket collar, to see it you had to be carefully looking for it, and she was.

She slipped onto a stool next to him. He glanced around to see what the movement was and went back to his drink.

Now, any other woman dressed as she was would have been quite upset that the man didn't even take a second look at her. She had spent hours getting ready. The shoes were finest Gallente, the short red dress was made from Amarian silk, although no Amarian dressmaker would ever make one that short. The makeup and hair had been styled just so. Along with her finest jewelry she looked amazing. She knew could have had any man in that bar within minutes if she wanted to, but the guy she had sat next to was blanking her. However she didn't get upset. She knew what he was, and expected nothing less. None of these men were every easy to engage, they were aloof, uncaring, complex, superior. But she had done her research, she knew what to expect.

She nodded to the barman and then nodded to the guy next to her. The barman nodded back, acknowledging the pre-arranged signal. He prepared two drinks and brought them over, sliding one in front of the man. The guy looked down at the drink and back up at the barman, the barman simply nodded to the woman.

The man shifted around in his seat.

"Thank you....."

"Carmen" she replied "Please to meet you". She held out her hand.

The man smiled and gently shook her hand.

"So do you go around buying strange men drinks all the time?"

"No" she replied "You just caught my eye. You haven't told me your name yet"

The man paused. That was a good sign.

"Michal" he said.

Now Carmen was almost certain. The glimmer of metal on the back of his neck, the way he'd not been interested when she sat down initially, the pause as he tried to think of a false name.

"Well Michal, I've not seen you here before. First time?" Carmen started to flirt outrageously.

"Yes actually, its the first time I've been in this bar"

"So just visiting?"

"You could say I'm just flying through"

Carmen crossed her legs so her dress rode up and pushed out her chest. This was going to be easy.


Two hours later they were back in her quarters. The last hour and a half had been spent in the bed. Carmen lay on her back smiling and exhausted. A thin film of perspiration covered her body. She'd got one, she'd finally snagged herself a capsuleer. Final confirmation was when she had slowly stripped him and seen the sockets in his neck and down his spinal column. She could now milk him for everything she ever wanted. Even if he didn't want a proper relationship, she'd surely be able to get some ISK out of him whilst he was on station. A pittance to a capsuleer was riches to a normal person.

He returned to the bed and handed her a drink as he slipped in beside her. She downed the drink in one and climbed on top of him.

"Now Mitchal, time for round two" she purred, "This time I'm going to....." she blinked twice, looking confused.

"I... I... " she stammered and with that she slumped forward unconscious.


Several hours later Carmen woke with a start. She was still in bed and had a splitting headache. She looked around but there was no sign of Michal. Her place had been turned upside down. Draws and cupboards had their contents hanging out or were scattered around the floor. She went over to the dresser and saw her jewelry box was missing. Her hand reached up to her ears and then her neck. Even the jewelry she had been wearing had gone. She retrieved her data-pad from the floor. The financial transaction window was open. A transfer of 24,000 credits, most of her cash had been authorised in her name, complete with her thumb print authorisation.

She sat on the bed trying to piece together what had happened. Why would a capsuleer rob her? The 24,000 local credits where worth nothing in ISK. The jewelry that he had taken was worth a lot less than what a capsuleer could make in ten minutes collecting pirate bounties even in hi-sec. It didn't make any sense at all. The things he took were worthless to a capsuleer. Carmen sat down on the bed, and placed her head it her hands.

"Think this through you silly girl! There must be a logical explanation!"

She felt something cold pressing against her leg. She looked down and saw a small metal disk on the bed. She picked it up, but found a sticky substance was holding it to the sheet. She pulled it free. What was it? Her heart missed a beat. One side looked like a capsuleer implant socket! But there was some sort of organic glue on the smooth, featureless back.


"Line 4 is nearly finished. The robotic parts are next, are we ready to fire up line 5?"

Marcus was sat back in his chair daydreaming. Gren threw a pen at him which glanced his shoulder.

"Hey! What was that for?"

"Is line 5 ready for start up?"

"Yeah, yeah. Ready to rock and roll!"

The two men were sat in the small control booth which extended out from high upon the vast wall overlooking the vast factory floor.

"So I assume you had a fun weekend then up on the station. Your mind is most certainly not here" Gren laughed.

Marcus smile. "Oh yes! It was most fun"

"Don't tell me you suckered another one?" Gren groaned.

"Hell yes. Blonde, fit as anything and was amazing in bed. These women pull out all the stops when they think your a pod pilot. Inhibitions go straight out the airlock and they turn the filth up to eleven. You know you should try it one day"

Gren shook his head.

"Ever thought that I prefer my women to come to bed with me because they like me for who I am, not because they incorrectly believe I'm an egger and they are going to get rich?"

Marcus laughed and pulled out his datapad, he wirelessly transmitted a picture from his pad to the huge main screen in the control booth. It showed a naked Carmen sprawled out on her bed.

"You jammy bastard! She is fit as!"

Marcus just lent back in his chair and smiled as he walked a small, round, metallic disk over his knuckles that looked just like a capsuleers implant socket on one side and was smooth on the other. He paused for a second to admiring the new expensive watch he'd just bought and then went back to idly fiddling with the fake socket.


  1. Need more of this. This gave me a massive smirk across my face. Great stuff.

    1. Thanks. As I've said before, I'm never sure about these fan fiction pieces but these sort of comments make it very worth while. Whoever you are, if your going to fanfest, I'll buy you a drink :o)

  2. please make more like this