Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Failure to Launch

This is my 100th post on Sand, Cider and Spaceships. The draft I had prepared was "100 Reasons Why Eve is the Greatest Game There Is". Instead it's now a bloody rage post plus how to fix that bloody awful launcher!

Eve Online Crucible 1.5 launched yesterday. I set skills running that would last me until I got back from Fanfest just in case as the new game launcher was.... erm.... launching?

Anyway I got home from work, fired Eve up and it worked! Launcher was installed, the game ran. Fantastic!

Fast forward 24 hours to the 14th March. Sounds like there has been some major problems for others with the patch. So CCP updated it. I downloaded the updated launcher and it ran and started downloading an 18mb patch. Oh well, with a week in Iceland I'll not be using my full bandwidth anyway this month. 6.89mb...... and..... and..... Mmmmmm stuck!


6.89mb again!

Turn PC off and on.

Sticks on 6.89mb! ARSE!

Ask the very knowledgable #tweetfleet

Thanks Louis. Step 1, turn off PC and restart, step 2 launch the repair tool direct from the install directory by double clicking the exe file.

Ah it's patching!

6.83mb! /stops


Check forums. Lots of people having problems.

File petition.

3/14/2012Launcher.... won't.Installation & PatchingOpen

Forum rage complaining at 2+ days wait for an answer.

Wife is watching Sleepless in Seattle!

Serious danger she might see me not playing Eve and ask why. Cannot think of a good excuse. Real reason may lead to "spend some quality time" suggestion.


Go for a bath to avoid being spotted not playing Eve.

Have a great idea!

Make a post on the corp forums.


A god-damn fracking hero called Lock Out exports his working patch from the launcher. This is supposed to be for people with multiple PC's so they only need to download the patch once. He uploads it to a file-sharing site and gives me the link.

I download it and import it via the launcher tools menu.

I'm in game but still very, very angry!



  1. A GM responded to my petition within 4 hours. Not bad at all. Currently feeding him all what I can to identify bug!


  3. March 14th ro March 15th patch for manual patching -