Saturday, March 17, 2012

PL : WTB New Titan

Or.... Faction War Noobs Kill PL Titan

Anybody who follows the forums or any social media with a heavy Eve presence will be probably aware that Pandemic Legion have no issue camping the stargates in Amamake....... with a Titan. Earlier this week there were reports that they were now using smart-bombing Titans on the gate. Seriously? Low-sec doomsday?

None of the other big alliances/blocs seem to care about this, quite frankly, unacceptable behaviour. However, given that PL's spy network is second to none, they are probably scared to drop them. But what can we, the "Faction War Noobs" do about it?

Well...... we can Leeroy Jenkins into the mouth of the Kracken!

The plan was hatched. Shadows of the Federation would join forces with our old friends and older enemies (it's a complicated relationship), Wolfsbrigade.

During the week, a support fleet was moved into position without anyone but a small group knowing. Those dreadnought capable pilots got them ready. People were told to be online Friday night for an op with saying what we were doing. It was all super sheeeeecret. Remember, this is not the usual way in Militia.We don't do alarm-clock ops or CTA's. We log on, violence internet spaceships and log off whilst having a lol.

As the hour approached we sent half our fleet off in their pods to cries of "WTF", "Why?", "What's going on". When they reached their destination they were given ships.

We deadnaught pilots went off in groups, jumping to separate mid-points so at no point would a single person see our full force. Our 85 man fleet was hidden in 4 separate locations.

And then we waited. Of course PL might not camp the gate with a Titan tonight. We might have epically blue balls. But the trap was set and the "Faction War Noobs" waited.

Thankfully we didn't have that long to wait.

The sub-cap fleet undocked and got onto a friendly titan. At the same time 4 separate cloaked cyno ships approached the PL titan and it's support carriers.

Then they popped their cyno's and we jumped into the fire. 40 ish HICs and Battleships landing a few seconds before 40 Dreadnoughts.

We Dreads immediately sieged and started taking out the Archons as the HICs tied down the Erebus.

We knew we didn't have long. We had just dropped Pandemic Legion in their own HOME SYSTEM!

The Archons went down fast. 40 Dreads in siege do put out a lot of DPS. I was unable to lock the primary in most cases. But then the call went out "All DPS on the Erebus".

It went down fast! I couldn't believe how fast it died with 40 dreadnaughts laying the smack down. It popped and one of our guys was able to scoop the 9bn ISK of loot it dropped too!

Special props to S810 for his contribution (look carefully):-

Damage done:0 (0.00%)
inv portrait
S810 Jr
Shadows Of The Federation
Drunk 'n' Disorderly
Proteus (Strategic Cruiser)
Civilian Light Electron Blaster
Damage done:0 (0.00%)

OK S8 was only whoring, he wasn't there for DPS, he had a special role and a special fit

Then PL arrived.... in force. They hit us with - another FIVE Titans (1 Avatar and 4 Erebus), around 40 Super Carriers (including 27 Nyx and 12 Aeons) and about 30 carriers.

Of course we died in a fire (my poor Moros). But it doesn't matter - had titan kill.

KB Links -

The killboards are all pretty messed up. We had smartbombing ships and so did PL so everyone everywhere on the battle reports. We believe we won on ISK. However in the end,  doesn't matter - had titan kill.

Titan down on Eve-Kill -

Our KB's Battle rep -

PL Battle Report -

Quotes -

Amarrchick009 > o7 more brave than 90% of eve

Lupinum > youd did what goons would only cry about

NykoMe > gg lads long time coming

boris thebutcher > very nicely done amarr, respect

@rulesaremyenemy - You guys dropped a PL titan in their home system without a super cap fleet. You can walk around acting smug for at *least* a month

@KuanYida - Nicely done. Woulda loved to have whored onto that one...

Forum/Blog Links -

Failheap -

EveNews24 -

Gamerchick42 -

Wolfsbrigade (From one of the architects of the operation) -


  1. "Faction War Noobs Kill PL Titan"

    ... "Noobs" ...


    1. Most null-sec blocs tend to refer to FW as full of "noobs" without actually knowing us :)

    2. I imagine that cos since Null-sec guys mostly consider themselves to be the end game-be all, everyone else is a noob ;)

    3. Most of the PL members 'grew up' in lowsec, Sniggerdly was originally a lowsec pirate corp, PL currently bases in lowsec and has done for six months. vOv What are you talking about.

  2. Awesome, FW well done. GG from PL! :madprops:

  3. Hahaha, very well done.
    Congratulations are your hard-earned kill!

  4. Hahaha, very well done.
    Congratulations on your hard-earned kill!

  5. Well played gentlemen. Good plan well executed. You deserve to be smug.

    1. ...and woman :D
      see you at FanFest

  6. Well done gentlemen. Good plan well executed. You deserve to be smug.

  7. Very nice dudes. Every time one of us put a titan or super on the gate i knew it was just a matter of time. Well done using dreads like heroes.

  8. I don't even play the game, but I know enough about it. Nice work.

  9. ...and Canada :D


  10. they were selling that titan anyway

    1. So What are you trying to say. Loser Troll!

      Good plan, and good job on pulling it off.

  11. The Fraps of the fight from BeastlyRage -

  12. moros' and rev's prices just went up

  13. Goes to show you to never be repeatative and or predictable.

  14. Well played Pl, you acted as real gents
    But it hurts nevertheless, doesn't it

  15. As one of the founding members of SotF who no longer lives in Eve this makes my heart sing, well done guys!

  16. i thought you on your way to fanfest? playing eve on the plane?

    1. Fly out Wednesday early hours, Heathrow Wednesday morning, Iceland Wednesday afternoon, Celtic Cross Wednesday night!

  17. So very well done, makes me want to come back to eve and Shadows :D

    Grats guys