Thursday, March 22, 2012

Fanfest - Day 0

My day 0 actually started at day -1 at 10pm (6pm GMT) with a taxi ride through the desert to the airport, some waiting, an 8 hour flight, land Heathrow T5, get the wife sorted with hire car, she drops me at T1, wait some more, finally check-in desk opens and I'm in the Tin Goose with a pint!

I've been Tweeting @geddonz and he joins me for a refreshing beverage and we start to spot other potential Eve players and invite them over.

Whilst we're waiting Crucible 1.5.something is deployed. I start to patch (yes, of course I've got my laptop set up in the pub playing Eve!).... and by the gods it actually works! May be as it's only a 3.9mb download, may be it's a different ISP.

So we get on the plane and a few hours later we're in.... BLOODYHELLITSCOLD!

Get to the hotel and this is the view from the front -

Best. Shower. Ever. God I was looking rough!

Now I've been on the go 24 hours and I need a drink. No idea where I'm going so I exit hotel and turn left. A few minutes later I pass this....

And then this.....

@scatha was trying to help me find my way around but I was tired after 24 hours of travelling (was 25 probably by then) plus my first drink had been lunchtime the previous days (plus some in the first airport, and on the plane, and in the second airport, and the second plane....). So I wasn't really with it!

Anyway somehow I make it to the Celtic Cross. Met some very fine upstanding people, got my T-shirt from @mandrill, got my Templar One book from the beautiful @sindelpellion, ex-corpie, ex-enemy, ex-titan killing bro Korratte and his Wolfbrigade chums including Crimper. Oh and some of PL too. Not sure s810 jr helped there....

The note under his scarf states "Will kill another PL titan for drinks!". A nice lady from RAIDEN came up to us to stress we'd better not think about trying that one on of their Titans! However plenty of others say it and congratulated us on a job well done.

By this time it was 11pm, I'd been going 30 hours without sleep (other than cat-naps on the plane) plus I'd had a skin full. So whilst s810jr got into a shouting match with the guy in the Transformers t-shirt above about faction war plexing and missioning mechanics (s810 jr wanted nerf, other guy was Amarr mission farmer apparently) I made my excuses and left. Really disappointed, but I was dead on my feet. Next year I'm coming a day early so it doesn't mess me up like this!

Good night, props to @mandrill for sorting, and looking forward to day 1 of Fanfest!

Unfortunately I didn't take many photo's last night and the ones I did take don't show how many people were there! It was packed.


  1. Whats the eve name of the guy on the left in the airport with the quafe t shirt? I know him in RL

    1. Ermmmmmm, well...... come on! I'd had no sleep and several pints by then! I cannot even remember @geddonz real name now!