Saturday, March 24, 2012

Fanfest 2012 - What Day is It? 2?

Kryten: [waking up after a night of partying] Oh, my goodness... Oh... my head. Oh, what happened to me? Damage control report. Oh! Dehydration level, 45%. Recall of previous evening, 2%. Embarrassment factor, 91%! Advised repair schedule; reboot startup disc, offline for 36 hours and replace head. Boy! What a night! 
- Red Dwarf: The Last Day

Well it's the morning after the "Pub Crawl with a Dev". Ouch! Photo's at the end of this poor write up! If you are a blogger who covered day 2 properly please post a comment and I'll link your blog here. This write up is going to be crap due to PvP and vodka.... oooooh so much vodka......

Yesterday started slightly later for me (morning after the Charity Dinner) and I caught the last of the economics talk. ISK faucets, ISK sinks, inflation etc etc. 

Next up was the ship balancing, which was a bit of a disappointment as it was just a Dev going through the ship balancing dev blog that was already released. If you read that blog, then you know pretty much what was said. Only bit that was new was "... yes there are concerns that with the new skills being easier to train capitals for we might need to look at increase some of the capital skills to make caps harder to climb into. Last thing we want is noobs  in smart-bombing titans and loosing them in Amamake!"

Next was the PvP tournament which we thought we'd enter for a laugh. On the first day, ex-corpie and now Wolfsbrigade member Koratte came up to me and s810 jr and said they were entering a team, but as it was teams of 3 and there were 4 of them, did we want to form a team with him. Hence team "PLTitan Killers" were formed.

It was a capture the bunker match. You had a few minutes to buy and fit ships off a specially seeded market and the choice was frigates, destroyers, assault frigates and tier 3 battlecruisers. S810 jr had a nice tactic that involved a Hawk which is one of my favourite ships to fly.

The match got under way and I burnt for the bunker to start capturing it whilst Koratte and S810 jr in tier 3 BC's laid down the pain. The other team, Vietcong, were all in tier 3 BC. Not great against a speed/sig radius and active tanked Hawk. We won!

Next match was against Tribe, we did the same tactic and won again! We were missing the FW presentation  but PvPing our hearts out.

3rd round was verses "Crazy Bastards" who might have seen our tactic, or were just lucky to bring the perfect counter fleet. We DIAF in round 3 (quarter finals) as we missed the Eve Key Note.

The Crazy Bastards that Knocked Me Out in Round 3

Korattes corp mates in Wolfsbrigade actually fought them next. Some how WBR brough the perfect counter for the "Crazy Bastards" gang. How did they know?

Mad props to our mates in W-BR for getting through to the final, who died to Hydra Reloaded. No shame in the guys! Well done.

So I've missed most of the presentations and round tables thanks to the PvP tourney, but had fun! CCP - Can we have the first few rounds on the Thursday next year? Make the semi's and final on the Friday! Being in the tournament means you miss too many other things!

They did put the Key Note on the big screen as we couldn't get in to see it. I missed the first part as I was PvPing but caught the last half.

Segregated hangers look cool! Charges in one tab, modules in another along with space remaining icon and ISK value of hanger (based on average market price!)

UK "Mini-Fanfest" is no good for me! But paying in £ is! Nice one CCP

New drones coming out like different sized web drones, the micro jump drive (click, 10 seconds later you jump 110km straight ahead, resistance mods that calculate incoming damage type and adjust automatically but not as good as active mods)

New Stealth Bomber models as SB's should look awesome and new turrets for launchers....

Then it was onto the Faction War round table which was in fact full of whiny pirates "If I'm -10 the militia's should be red to me so I can shoot them without GCC? Neutrals - "The idea that militias may be able to cyno jam systems going to stop me carebearing". Oh and a few FW players. I'm going to write this up properly in the week giving my views on the plans for "0.0 Lite" sorry, I mean Faction War.

By that time it was after 7 so I headed back to the hotel, quick shower and change, something to eat and back for the "Bar Crawl with a Dev!". Not going to do a write up as doing a write up about a piss up will be boring. In short, great convo with a lot of people (a lot of wormholers come to Fanfest), met CCP_Guard, found out that Icelandic girls wear less than Essex girls when out on the town, @Sindelpellion likes a drink, @baghi flies crap supers, Mittens is a very nice guy and you can spend a LOT of money when drinking heavily in Iceland. Sorry about the quality, was a camera phone!

Our Dev's, the "Excursions Girl" and players

Eve Players Mass Buying on the Market

The Dev's and our Guide

Have you seen Kyle? He's about this tall!

Now that is a suit!

Hotdog break! Bill Clinton had one here!

Discarded the first two ideas for captions, third was worse, giving up.

The Dust Girls and @Sindel

The Wolfsbrigade puppy and CCP Punkturis (sic)

Sindel doing CCP Diplo for TEST


Sindel doing RAIDEN diplo for TEST

Quaffe Cocktails and "someone"

Sindel doing GOON diplo for TEST

Me and Mittens!

The Party is rocking....

..... though the night!

P.S. I'm not a Sindel stalker! That's Bucky O'hairs job. Just so happens the best photos were in the last bar of the night, and she was around..... :)


  1. Damn right it's my job!

    Good pics though, I'll add them to the collection...