Friday, March 23, 2012

Fanfest - Day 1

"It's lunch time"
"No it isn't, it's sleep time"
"Nope defo lunch time!"

After half an hour of my brain arguing with my body I got out of bed stupidly early. I wrote the day 0 blog post and then went for breakfast. NO BACON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Start to head down the Harpa and it's a "lovely" brisk sleaty morning!

Get to the Harpa and it's queued! Very, very queued!

Get to the top, register and hear "Drack! Drack!" which I feel is strange because only S810 jr really knows me and would call out my name like that. Turns out to be an ex-corpie, now with Wolfsbrigade who recalls my face from the "Who are we?" thread on our forums. They've had specail T-shirts made up following our "little gank" last Friday.

Few nice things to look at upstairs including the Lego Rifter and plenty of Eve goodies to buy!

I went to the Crimewatch talk. Appears the system that handles everything from who can shoot who, to bounties to LP payouts for faction war kills is a mess. The recent bug where only the person who gets the final blow on a rat gets the security status increase was due to a slight change in how killmails are formatted. Touch one thing and you'll break another. So it's going to be re-writen. Below I've listed some points there were discussed. This is all likely to change before we see it, but these are the current "ideas".

  • Fixed 15 minute time - If your agressed/GCC and your timer said 4 minutes, if you log out you'll spend 4 minutes in space. No more resetting.
  • Safe Log Off - Potentially your client will still run after you emergency warp and you can watch. If you get probed down you can re-log in/reactivate to try and escape.
  • Remote assistance now gives you same "No dock/jump" timer as if using offensive mods (logi will have a one min countdown)
  • There will be 3 actions you can do - Legal (shooting a rat or WT), misdemeanour's (looting from a can or wreck that's not yours) or felony (ie to go GCC)
  • Committing a misdemeanour's flags you as a suspect where EVERYONE can shoot you for 15 minutes. Can-flippers, you are *****'d.
  • You assist a suspect, you also get the suspect flag too for 15 minutes!
  • CONCORD ships MAY be replaced by the "CONCORD DEATH RAY". A ker-splat insta kill lasoooooor fired from millions of KM away?
  • Pop-ups will be used to stop people accidently going suspect or felon, but you can deactivate these safeties.
  • Next bit I was a bit confused on. If you kill a +5 character you go to -10 immediately?
  • If you kill a pirate player (-5 or worse) CONCORD give you sec status (ratting players?). This is not seen as good for pirates who kill pirates and I hope they look at this more!
  • Commander and Officer tags will be able to give you sec status up to -5 (you can buy your sec status up to -5).
  • New "War Reports" which can combine new battle reports with campaing and give you loads of stats. This will include how much logi pilots repped!
  • Better UI showing all timers and more accurate.
  • Players asked for logi repping -10 not to go immediately GCC, Devs to think about that.
  • CONCORD delay on "mega super death lazooooor" will be the same as ships. Instant in a 1.0, delayed a few seconds in 0.5's
  • Players asked for self-destruct killmails (huge cheers) CCP said they'd look into it.
  • Already planned for KM's for reinforcing structures.
Potential of how the aggression timers COULD look

Then I tried to get into the black-ops round table. No chance! Only just managed to squeeze into the fleet combat after that. CCP, we need a wider selection of interesting RT's at the same time otherwise the most popular is a bun-fight!

Finally it grew near to the DUST514 keynote, but delays were caused by the technology (I hear getting the PC and PS3 feeds onto the big screen together was a challenge).

It was crammed. So I started humming.

Goons to the left of me....

Eve Uni to the right....

Here I am, stuck in the middle with W-BR!

Anyway I'm sure other blogs are covering DUST514 better than I would (meh, don't really care).

Then it was off to the dinner. A fine four course meal with Helmar and Soundwave to great us. We had CCP_Veritas and CCP_Diagoris on our table. Plenty of great conversation and a really great night.

Twitter was buzzing about @SindelPellion's cocktail dress. When I said it was rather nice I started to get DM's!

Drackarn! Your covert ops mission - should you choose to accept it (you don't have a choice) GET ME A PIC OF SINDEL IN HER COCKTAIL DRESS!

Just ask to have your picture taken with her :-) than send it to me and bucky....THIS SUCKS BEING STUCK AT HOME!!!

Plus many public ones -

After hearing talk about this dress the last couple of weeks I demand pics.

We better get a pic at some point! I want to see this bikini dress!

we want pics :)

And just as I was leaving I was typing a message to say "Sorry guys, not seen her in a while and off to the Celtic Cross so you....." just as she passes. So I ask if I can take a picture OF her in the least stalker-ish way possible and she suggests.....

What a day! And all rounded off with a few drinks at the Cross. Great!

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