Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Put Your Hans Up for CSM7

Tomorrow, voting opens in the Seventh Council of Stellar Management. The CSM is the player-elected group that take all our concerns, ideas and unbridled seething emo-rage and fires it at CCP. CCP in turn show them some of the ideas and things that they are working on and the CSM gives them their views, as a representative of the player base.

Whilst the CSM have no real power, they are OUR voice to CCP. Therefore it is important that there are representatives on the Council who understand your area of the game to make sure CCP iterate on it, improve it and don't do anything stupid to it. Some of the minutes of CSM6 meetings do make us faction war players question if any of them on the Council have a clue what we're about.

This is a problem with the current CSM, it is extremely null-sec heavy. The voting system is simply the people with the most votes get on the CSM. The big power blocs all vote for their candidate and the the Empire space players spread their votes over a wide range of "wannabe" candidates. Therefore the CSM quickly fills with big 0.0 alliance/bloc representatives and little representation for high and low-sec. Therefore we Empire-dwellers have no real voice.

The Mittani WILL be chairman again. Several thousand motivated Goons will vote as told, and he'll be head of the table again. I'm not saying this is a bad thing. I think he did a great job last year and I'm sure much of his "work" was directly behind the change of direction of CCP. I use the word "work" in inverted comments as I'm actually referring to the bad publicity he spread like wildfire in the same way as a pyromaniac after drinking a bottle of Tequila and is carrying a bucket of petrol and a box of extra large matches.

That doesn't matter though does it, I mean all 'real' Eve players live in null-sec don't they?


Empire space (that's high and low sec) has as many active players and it's not all alts, bots and traders. I have found null-sec fairly boring and far too carebearish. We went for a long roam through null on Friday night. Generally each system was dead, the few systems we did find pockets of activity went very quiet as we jumped in. This also reflects my brief stints living out there in both NPC and Sov Holding null-sec. I've got nothing against null and all those who live out there, it's just not my cup of tea. A short roam around low-sec on Sunday afternoon got us many times the number of fights and kills than we got on a three hour roam through null sec.

This just goes to show that Empire is much more than carebears and noobs. It is one of the most active areas of the game attracting the most bitter of bitter vets, the most G'AAARRRRR'y of pirates and the most noobish of noobs. But are CCP really aware of this when the player representation body is just 0.0, 0.0, 0.0 and null-sec?

If like me, you live and do your thing in Empire space, then there is really only one candidate to vote for, Hans Jagerblitzen.

Hans, based on number of likes which was the first stage voting process to whittle down the number of candidates for the main vote, is up there with the null-sec power bloc candidates currently. He has a real chance of getting a seat compared to the other Empire candidates that have the bare minimum "likes".

So why should you vote for Hans? Well he does his thing in Empire! Reading through his platform document, Tweets, forum posts and the like we know that...

Hans lives in low-sec
He is active in Faction War
He mines (Assuming in connection with the next line)
He uses a PoS (Assuming in connection with the next line)
He manufactures (Boosters)
He pirates/PvP's

Now looking at the above, he does a lot in Empire space. He knows what is broken, he knows what needs iterating on.

Now just look at the forums over the last year. This guy has been working his ass off to try and get fixes. This is confirmed by none other than the Chair of CSM6 - The Mittani aka Mittens aka Lord of the Goons...

"I sort of assumed that Hans would be a FW candidate this year and I support him, no need to get all ~rah rah mittens~ about it. 

During CSM6 Hans reached out to us and gave us a whole list of FW fixes, which we promptly dumped in CCP's lap, and they're now cognizant of them - pretty much entirely due to Hans taking the initiative.

FW dudes should have a rep, just like Wormhole dudes. If I was a FW player, I'd rally behind Hans. Good luck!"

So when you cast your vote over the next two weeks please don't throw it away on a wannabe who is going to get a couple of hundred votes max. Hans is the only real option for Empire space players who has a REAL chance of getting a seat on the CSM (ie someone who will be getting over 1500 votes).

Vote Hans Jagerblitzen for CSM 7 and Ensure High and Low Sec Have a Voice On CSM7!

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  1. Woooooo! Go Hans! I'm actually resubbing some alt accounts of mine (that were shut down in the Summer of Rage) in order to help push Hans into a CSM7 seat. \o/