Thursday, March 29, 2012

Fanfest - The Aftermath

Got back home late last night. What a fantastic time. Met some great people, violenced spaceships, geeked it up, drank a LOT and had a very, very good time!

Looking forward to next year, but if I could make some suggestions....

1. PvP Tournament
Have rounds one and two on the first day. They take up a lot of time, not a huge number of spectators are intersted and those that are PvP'ing are missing out on presentations and round tables. We got through to round 3 and missed the FW presentation, the Eve Keynote and others.

2. Better Spread of RT's
Several slots had a single round-table that was obviously going to be massively popular in a sea of meh. This led to a bun fight trying to get in and led to crowded rooms and people unable to get it. The Black Op's RT on day one was a good example. Need to spread the RT's a bit better.

3. This is Eve Online Fanfest
And whilst I accept there are plenty of people who are really excited about DUST514 and I'm one of the "meh" lot, there was a lot of DUST taking up the schedule!

4. Don't Take Development Decisions on Shouts
It was asked if we the players wanted CCP to invest 5 man-years of development turning Eve into a DX11 game. What did you expect from the crowd at CCP Presents after watching those videos. But if gameplay and iterations suffer because of lack of developers/art resources, we could have another Incarna. And all the "Well we asked you at Fanfest if you wanted this!" won't make the slightest difference.

5. Get a burger van near the Harpa
Given the rush between the day events finishing and the evening ones starting it was difficult to grab a decent bite to eat ;)

6. Tell the Whiners to HTFU
Wow! I had no idea we had so many whiners in Eve Online. Epic tears are epic! But they can easily take over the roundtables with their constant blubbing. The CCP guys need to say "Thanks for your salty input but we need to give other people a chance to speak". No need at the large presentations as the audience does a good job of that :)

Now, onto Mittengate. I don't see the problem, he just got pissed and made a silly mistake. The issue here is simply...

"When you have a LOT of enemies, don't go handing out free hand grenades!"

84% of the entire planet now knows Mitttens, whilst arseholed, made a joke about griefing a player who claimed to be suicidal after the goons ganked him.

Now I'm not an expert, but would a truly suicidal person say this in an Eve mail to the people who just ganked you? Apparently the guy is still very much alive, flying around in his Mackinaw's and from what I've heard doesn't really care about these events.

But the Mitten haters do. They've lept on this and are shouting from the rooftops how offended they are. Like most complaints of this nature I bet 40% have never seen the video and another 40% saw it and didn't take offence until someone posted on the forum that they were offended.

It would appear that he's got a 30-day ban (confirmed), he's stepping down as CSM7 Chairman (confirmed) and will not be on the CSM 7 at all (not sure here).

What people don't realise is that now Eve Online has come out of this for the worse. Mittens did a metric f*ckton of good for Eve during CSM 6. Without his "publicity" steering CCP god knows where we would be now. He generates content, Eve is a nasty little universe and without people like Mittens it turns into Farmville in space.

I'm not a goon.
I don't like suicide ganking
I don't like scamming
I don't like tear harvesting
I don't like goon tactics.

But I do believe the Goon's make Eve a better game.

All of you bears and Mitten-haters who are rubbing your hands together in glee right now..... you'd better prepare. I think there may be a storm coming.....


  1. I very much like the Goons, suicide ganking, scamming and the tears that sometime come with it. Seing grown up people crying over lost pixel spaceship is hilarious.

    However asking people to go after a specific player for no valid reason is questionable and certainly against the terms of uses. And regardless of the suicide thing and the anti goons campaign on the forum, he broke the the rules on eve TV and got caught by the gaming media .

    Should Mittens get a free pass because of the good he did?

    1. No he shouldn't get a free pass, but the hate being used about one drunken off the cuff remark is amazing.

      There is a difference between saying those things and really meaning them, and the way Mittens said it.

      After going to Fanfest I now really understand why HTFU is a CCP motto.

  2. Great review Drackarn,

    I am sure that CCP will get some good use out of your suggestions, if they are smart.

    I don't like The Mittani, but I found Alex G's apology to be very heartfelt and straightforward. If only other public figures would own up to their bad behavior in such a way, instead of the standard "non-apology" apology. Alex G's standing as a honorable man went up in my opinion.

    As for the kerfuffle, it is emblematic of today's insta-contraversies. The perpetually offended always seem to win.