Thursday, February 2, 2012

CCP Diagoras is Depressing Me!

Who is CCP Diagoras? He is the resident CCP "stato" on Twitter.

If you like Eve Online related statistics and interesting facts then follow him at @CCP_Diagoras.  If you haven't got a Twitter account you should make one! Come and join the #tweetfleet. There is an Eve Wiki page detailing all about the Tweetfleet here.

On the Tweetfleet we have approximately 94.84% less trolling and flaming than other Eve Online related social media sites and forums. We are generally a much nicer bunch of people, have some great Eve related banter and conversations and best of all, there are some proper killer legs on there too ;)

Contrary to popular belief, @SindelPellion did not model for this "artwork".

Anyway, if killer legs aren't your thing, but Eve factoids/statistics float your boat, then CCP Diagoras is your man. He gives us amazing insights into the world of Eve Online such as the following taken from three random screenshots of his tweets....

Anyway, why is he depressing me? Two reasons.

Firstly I asked him for stats of ship kills by hull types. He duly supplied them and I went to work calculating a rough figure of how many crew die in a year on-board our ships. There is a reason for wanting to know this morbid figure. I'm writing a news article for Tech4News and needed it. However, the figure I got of 1.4 BILLION makes the story unbelievable. Damn. He ruined my story and made me feel guilty about the number of people dying on my ships.

Secondly, he depressed me by giving these two factiods today:-



Out of the 23,000+ characters in faction war, only 1,401 were actively PvP'ing in January 2012? No wonder I'm struggling to find fights.

That seriously points to a major problem with faction war that needs resolving.

CCP are working on "war" now for the spring expansion. I just hope I get some good news at Fanfest next month.

If you are already a #tweetfleet'er or this blog entry turns you into one and you are also going to Fanfest:-

Get your order for a Tweetfleet T-Shirt for the Tweetfleet meet (the Wednesday night in Iceland before Fanfest kicks off) at @mandrill, his blog is here.

Smeg! It's only seven weeks to the start of Fanfest!

P.S. ofc the blog title is tongue in cheek!



  1. 1.4 billion crewpersons die each year on board capsuleer ships? That seems low, actually. Compared to the potential total population of New Eden, it's tiny.

  2. I took the kills by hull types for December and January and multiplied them by 6 to get a rough idea for the year. I then took the mid point between the minimum and maximum crew numbers for each hull. Finally I applied the survival rates.

    It's not exact, for instance I only got numbers of cap hulls, and there is a huge difference between a dreadnought (18k crew) and a titan (145k crew). But 1.4bn is a good starting point.

    I take your point about the population of New Eden... but still.... 1.4 billion is a lot of people!

  3. OK... I'll bite... so, a few other needed statistics:

    A. The current population and growth/loss % per year of New Eden as a whole (all races field ships right)

    2. The number of NPC ships/types lost & thier crew losses for same period.

    From these you can calculate the % of population affected (read: shot, lazered, railgunned, blastered, asploded and burnt to a crackly crisp in a horrible fire, flash frozen in the depths of the black, scooped up and put on display or sold at auction) by Capsuleers.

    I'm bettin it's a "YIKES" number!!!

  4. Yes - The 1.4bn is low. Probably closer to 2bn if you did this properly.

    Yes - 1.4bn is probably nothing compared to the size of 4 Empires spread over thousands of planets 20,000 years in the future which will be in the trillions of people?

    Yes - 1.2bn still sounds a huge number to the people reading this. i.e. Earthlings of 2012 and not residents of New Eden 22,012.


  5. To save your brain, I did the maths for this particular conundrum back in 2010. These blogposts might help with your number-crunching: The End of New Eden is Nigh and New Eden is Saved

  6. What Stan said! Those are just silly numbers when you think about it.

  7. Except, his stats aren't accurate which makes things worse. The top two corps of killing JFs/Freighters were under 100, but I know of two corps that are well over 100 JF/Freighter kills.

    1. Pretty much all his stats have been referring to 2011 or January this year. Could it be those numbers were kills for 2011?

    2. John Turbefield @CCP_Diagoras
      @Drackarn iirc that was since December 2007, when Trinity was released.