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Minmatar Aren't the Only Slaves (Fan Fiction)

My carrier alt is almost read to jump into an Archon. But how does my main character know my alt.....? I think there is a story there!

This is a proper short story so might be tl;dr if you were just looking for a short blog post to read. This post here by Marc Scaurus asks some of the CSM7 candidates about their views on low sec. However I would encourage you to try my attempt at fiction. As usual, there are plenty of legs in there! :p

Minmatar Aren't the Only Slaves 

The small industrial vessel carefully maneuvered around the hulk of the station. It slowed in position just behind a massive pylon. The ship hung there for a few seconds before suddenly a red energy field appeared above the ship, pulsating and glowing against the stark grey of the Caldari station. A bright flash and a Archon class carrier appeared through an artificially generated wormhole. The huge golden ship hung there. Unable to dock as the hull was dangerously energised after travelling through the wormhole. After half a minute the energy build up had dissipated carrier was towed inside the station.


"Have you seen this?" Madbuster slid over a datapad to Drackarn.
"A jump freighter.... in high sec!" Drackarn smiled and shook his head "I do wonder how that guy does it. Sometimes I think Loren Gallen must have contacts in the Caldari Navy who allow him to get away with kills like this"

The table laughed. Half a dozen members of Shadows of the Federation were in the capsuleer bar having a drink.

The bar door slid open and they looked over to see who the new customer was. Nisuwa VII was not a busy station and the capsuleer bar was even quieter. New faces were rare. In the doorway stood a female Amarrian. She was beautiful. Long flowing back hair and highly expensive, but revealing clothes. This was not your typical Amarrian. She started walking over to them.

"This could be trouble, Amarrian."
"Don't be daft, not every Amarrian is in the Militia and at war with us."
"And very few of the Amarr militia dress like that!"
"Cracking legs. Oh shit she's wearing stockings someone hold Drack down quick!"
"Oh very funny! I bet ten million ISK that she takes me to bed at the end of the night."
"You're on! She'll be put off in the first 10 seconds when you start dribbling over her legs!"
"Shhhh. She's coming over!"

She reached the table and grabbed Drackarns jacket at the lapels and pulled him to his feet. The other Shadows starting to rise from their seats when she kissed him deeply before lowering him back into his seat. Devotion placed his head in his hands knowing he'd just lost ten million ISK.

"Erm... me next?" Lexx slowly raised a hand.

The Amarrian woman looked quizzically at her.

"Don't mind her Cat" said Drackarn "She just desperate and ginger". The table erupted in laughter again "So it all worked out for you them?"

"Yes" smile Cat "Thanks to you. You know I'll never be able to repay you"

"Don't worry about it" Drackarn waved a hand to dismiss it "The help you said you'd provide here is more than enough"

"So obviously you two know each other" Galus asked.

The woman called Cat took a seat at the table.

"Yes, funny story really. All started a few years ago, before I became a capsuleer and really kicked off 6 months after I qualified" started Drackarn.


Drackarn took aim carefully. His finger was resting on the trigger. From this range he could even make out the hair growing from his targets ear. He held his breath and gently squeezed the trigger.

"Ohhhhhhhh you fuuuuuu....."

His co-worker took the plastic sucker-dart in the side of his head and was desperately looking for something to throw at Drackarn when the control room door opened. There stood a PA for one of the executives, a weaselly little man. He looked at the two technicians and cleared his throat.

"Drackarn, you presence is required at the Directors residence this evening"

"Erm... what? Why?"

"The Director is hosting the Amarrian trade ambassador to the State at a reception tonight. He wants to show his full range of...... staff."

Drackarn noted the pause.

"Call in a requisitions before you leave the factory tonight. They have appropriate attire for you"


Drackarn walked up the driveway towards the huge mansion. He pulled on the collar of his dinner jacket which was tight against his throat. He was unaccustomed to wearing such formal attire, which had been ready for him to collect at the rec office. He showed his invite to the door staff and entered the ballroom. It was packed with mostly managers from the factory. He saw very few low-level workers and none that he knew well enough to talk to. A beeping noise made him spin around. A small service drone had been draped with fine cloths and had been fitted with a drinks tray. Drackarn scooped a glass of champagne as it hovered passed. No doubt the drones were being used to demonstrate the products of the factory to the trade ambassador. Drack wondered where the drone control pads were. He could have some real fun with these stuck up snobs if he could get his hands on one. He looked around and noticed that some of the waiters had the pads strapped to their belts.

".... yes, we have a couple of drones serving in every room for the party. You'll never go thirsty here."

Drackarn knew the voice. It was the factory director. Every morning over the factory comms he'd give a "motivational" speech to the workers. They generally just gave unflattering hand gestures back to the holorecording.

"And here we have one of our reactor control technicians, Drickin"

Drackarn turned and came face to face with the Director and his fake beaming smile. Drackarn wondered how he knew his name... well, at least how he got fairly close to his name. He noticed a small light flash in the directors eye, an occular implant. Someone was feeding him intel so it appeared like he knew everyone.

"Drickin, this is His Excellency the Amarrian trade ambassador"

Drackarn held out his hand and the snobbish Amarrian just looked at it in distain.

"We find Minmatars much more suited to these tasks" the Ambassador wasn't talking to Drack "They work longer hours too" he finished as he moved on.

There was quite a procession of staff following him as Drackarn backed out of the way to let them pass. A mane of long flowing jet-black hair caught Drackarns eye. An Amarrian staffer, she was beautiful, wearing a long flowing strappy dress. She turned her head to Drackarn as she passed and smiled at him.


It was getting late. Drackarn wanted to get out, but the factory workers all had set times they were allowed to leave. The people in power were able to slip out early, but they made sure the workers were kept back to ensure the party looked busy until the Amarrian ambassador left. Drackarn still had an hour to "work".

He backed into a dark corner of the ballroom and retrieved the drone control pad from his jacket pocket. He'd swiped it from one of the waiters that he'd purposely bumped into earlier. He was bored so started flicking through the various drones camera views. Mostly they were empty rooms, or views some boring exec's sat down smoking cigars and probably discussing some boring business topic. He flicked through some more views, his finger deftly swiping over the screen, he suddenly stopped. He went back to the previous drone's view. He could see the Ambasador.  He was alone in a small room with the dark haired girl, he was shouting at her. She was clearly afraid but the drone didn't provide sound. He slapped her hard across the face. Drackarns anger started to rise. She just stood there and took it. The next slap knocked her from her feet. Drack started to desperately try and find a location on the drone. There was no clues to it's location. The girl was on the floor now, sat upright on the side of her leg crying. The Ambassador stood over her and used one hand to grab her by the hair. With the other he was trying to hitch up his robes. He was clearly exceedingly drunk and having great difficulty.

Suddenly an idea came to Drackarn. He disabled the level control of the drone and increased it's elevation to 1.8 meters. The drone silently rose in the air as the drunken Ambassador struggled with his robes. He aimed the drone at the Ambassadors head and powered the anti-gravity motor to max. The drone shot silently forward and collided with the back of the ambassadors head. Drackarn head a muffled bump as the drone impacted against the wall. He couldn't believe it, it was in the room next door to where he was stood. He opened the door and slid through.

Inside we saw the girl still sat on the floor crying and holding her cheek. The drone was in the corner, it's exposed electronics sparking. The Ambassador was face down on the floor, out cold.

"Are you OK?" Drackarn asked the girl.

She looked at him with big wet eyes. "Yes. But that drone went mad! Be careful!"

"No, I was mad, the drone just did what I told it." He waved the control pad at her and then and placed it in the unconscious Amarrian's hand.

"When he wakes up he'll hopefully think he was messing about with the drone and did this to himself. I cannot think he'll remember much being that drunk and getting such a bump on the head. When he's found, that's what the staff will assume too. Etiquette means nobody will talk about this, now come on."

Drackarn pulled the girl to her feet and led her to an adjoining room. He went to the droid there and retrieved two shots of Minmatar fire whisky.

"Drink this first, it'll help, and then you can tell me what in Divinities Edge was happening in there."

The girl drank. She looked sad.

"Although I am Amarrian, I have no more rights than one of the Ambassadors Minmatar slaves. My father was a large and powerful landowner in the Empire. He raised me, my mother had died several years before. He was caught with a slave in his bed by one of the church's clergy, a grave sin in its own right. He made the mistake of saying he loved her. If he had said he was just screwing her, he'd have got off. But he didn't deny it as they were in a relationship. He was sentenced to death, our house was disgraced and broken up. The Ambassador who was the nearest holder took most of our lands and property, and he also took me. Stripped of my house, I am now nothing more than a slave to him and the Empire. No rights, no voice, nothing. He could kill me on a whim if he wanted, and no one would care". She started sobbing.

"I can get you out of here. Get you somewhere safe...." Drackarn started.

"No. The Ambassador is a vindictive man. He will track me down. I thank you for what you have done here tonight and I hope I get to see you again when we return for our annual visit next year. My name is Catrina, and I am forever in your debt. With that the girl rose from her chair and gently kissed Drackarn on the lips before returning to the room with the Ambassador.


One year later....

"Sir, we are approaching the destination system. What are you orders?"

The Amarrian Ambassador stretched out on his lounger in his quarters. The two naked Minmatar females were expertly working his body with their tongues. He reached over to the comm panel and clicked the talk button whilst he used the other hand to guide the head of one of the girls.

"Circle this system for another 20 minutes... no, make it half an hour. Then jump in and dock up. Get the shuttle prepped to take me down to the surface when that is done"

"Yes sir!"

The Amarrian closed his eyes and sighed in pleasure. Whilst he enjoyed his Minmatar slaves, he really did want to take advantage of Catrina. A proper young Amarrian woman, not some sub-human Minmatar slave. However he could never chance anyone of his staff catching him. Slaves were one thing, his staff turned a blind eye, and unless their were any clergy around, he was safe. But a traitors daughter was another. This would be trip he'd finally have her. He was planning it a year ago on the last visit here but had too much to drink and had had an accident with a drone.

"This time..." he thought "... I'm going to slap her silly and make sure she knows her life, her soul and her body are mine to do with what I please."


The modified industrial neared the gate. Whilst it's inside had been stripped out and replaced with luxurious accommodation, the outside just looked like a normal Bestower. No one would bother such an old ship in hi-security space. The impressive ship-to-surface shuttle in the modified hanger was the only thing people receiving the Ambassador ever saw. It was a small sized shuttle craft based on the design of the Golden Magnet, just significantly smaller than the real capsuleer frigate. So whilst he traveled around in what looked like an old industrial, he always arrived planet-side in style.

On the bridge the command crew where preparing to activate the stargate.

"Sound the jump alarm" announced the captain.

The alarm signaled throughout the ship warning the crew to brace for the unpleasant experience of gate travel. A few seconds later the industrial disappeared in a flash of light, reappearing in it's destination solar system. The stargates cloaking field hid the vessel for a few seconds.

"Sir, we've got a green light on all systems" one of the Ensigns announced.

"Align to station and get the ship-to-surface shuttle prepped."

"Sir! We're being targeted by that Thrasher!"

"Don't worry ensign. No destroyer will engage in a criminal act on a gate in high security space. He's probably just a capsuleer, cargo scanning us to see if we've got any expensive cargo. He's probably got a gang on the out gate...."

The ship rocked and the power went out as a massive explosion jolted the ship. The captain picked himself off the floor as the emergency power kicked in.


"The Thrasher fired on us. CONCORD are on the scene, the Thrasher is destroyed. We've taken serious damage. Some sort of high-energy fusion ammunition and a precision hit to engineering. Reactor controls are failing. Sir.... the ship is too badly damaged to survive. It's lost."

"Acknowledged. Send an SOS to the Sisters. Get the ambassador and his staff to the shuttle and launch it. Sound the abandon ship alarm as soon as the Ambassador's shuttle is clear." The Captain knew delaying the evac would cost lives of his crew but he had to make sure the ambassador got clear."


The ornate shuttle slipped out from the fatally wounded industrial. The Ambassador was still screaming, he'd been screaming non-stop since the ship had been hit. How dare anyone attack him, especially as a guest of the Caldari State? He'd take this up with Tibus Heth himself and make someone pay for this outrage.

"When can we expect rescue?" one of the aides asked the pilots.

"A few hours. The Sisters of Eve will be here with rescue vessels, but they have prep them before launch and travel here. This ship-to-surface shuttle does not have a warp drive so nothing we can do but wait for them."

The ship jolted.

"What NOW!" the Ambassador barged his way to the cockpit of the shuttle and lent over the shoulders of the two pilots.

"Sir, that Raven class battleship is pulling us in with a tractor beam!"

"Why are CONCORD not stopping him?"

"He's a capsuleer sir. He's not committing a criminal act. They won't do anything"

"Put me on comms with those CONCORD ships now!"

"Yes sir..... Sir....... comms are down...... communications are jammed"


The Ambassador, his staff and the pilots peered out the tiny side viewports. The cargo bay of the Raven was  mostly empty. By one small door stood an armed man, a large drone hovered beside him.

"What is that!"

"Sir, it's an active Ogre II. A heavy assault drone. It would rip us apart in one volley. Nobody would survive."

"What does he want?"

"We don't..... hang on sir. We're getting a message sir. Text only. It reads - Send out ALL Minmatar you have on board. We have biological scanners so we know who is in there. We also want ONE Amarrian to come out to negotiate the hand over"

The shuttle went silent.


The Ambassador had his nose pressed up against the viewport. He could see the line of his Minmatar slaves with Catrina at the far end of the line, stood in front of the capsuleer. That was a stroke of genius on his part. If the capsuleer took her hostage, so what! He'd say he needed to return to Amarr to negotiate the terms and arrange payments. He'd be safe and the capsuleer could do whatever he wanted to that traitors daughter.

The slaves were being injected one by one with something. A nurse was passing up the line giving them a shot in the upper arm. Probably that damn Vitoc antidote. He could see the capsuleer shouting at Catrina in a rage. The Ambassador chuckled. This plan might work out perfectly. The capsuleer threw his arms in the air in what looked like frustration and turned with his back to Catrina. Suddenly he span round, his blaster was in his hand. He shot her at point blank range, she fell to the floor and lay still. Everyone in the shuttle jumped back. There were gasps of horror and cries of "No!" from his staff. Several of his female aides started crying. The Ambassador was suddenly worried, his plan wasn't playing out. The capsuleer nudged her body with the tip of his foot, as if to check she was dead. She didn't move.

The capsuleer held a hand in the air and twirled it around. The sign for "lets wrap this up". The shuttle lurched and knocked the Ambassador to his feet.

"Whats happening!"

"We're being tractor beamed somewhere" one of the pilots shouted "We're heading for the jettison tube! Seal the outer doors NOW! They are going to flush us into space!"

The pilots scrambled to the shuttle controls and sealed the shuttle as it was jettisoned out into space. The shuttle span out of control as they brought the systems back on line. It stabilised just in time to see the Raven warp off.

The Ambassador slumped into a seat. He was relieved he was OK and no real harm done. A few slaves lost and a traitors daughter killed. A small price to pay for his own well being.


She was cold and lying on a metal floor. Her whole body ached and a sharp pain in her upper arm was making it throb. She felt a hand gently stroke her hair. She opened her eye's and saw Drackarn kneeling over her.

"Take it easy. We've just given you a shot to deal with the pain. You've been shot by a blaster set on stun. "

"Yes. As I recall it was you who shot me!"

Drackarn laughed. "Yes sorry about that. Was needed to keep up the pretence"

"What pretence?" Catrina sat up.

"What do you think the people in that shuttle think just happened here?"

Cat thought for a few seconds.

"Well with the Minmatar slaves and you shouting and being aggressive to me....." she suddenly smiled "They'll think your a Minmatar sympathizer"

Drack nodded "May be I am. Go on"

"They'll think you attacked them to free the slaves. They'll think you believed I was the Amarrian in charge of them and you shot me. They'll think I'm dead!"

Drackarn smiled. "But you're not dead.... you are free."

"But what if one of them recognised you."

Drackarn shook his head. "He never really looked at me a year ago. I was nothing back then, not worthy of his attention. Plus he met me in my former life, I'm now a Capsuleer. Even if I looked familiar he'd never make a connection between a factory worker and a capsuleer. Now come on, lets get you some quarters."

With that Drackarn helped her to her feet and supported her around the shoulders as they walked back to the door.


Sirah laughed. "Fantastic! Did they fall for it?"

"Totally. It was all over the news networks. Minmatar sympathisers attack Amarrian delegate in Caldari space. One of the Amarrian delegation dead, no actually.... 'executed' I think was the word they used. Numerous slaves freed. Raven hunted but not found. Even Heth mentioned it on a State broadcast about working with our allies and not against them. Cat stayed with me for a few weeks. Whist they assumed she was dead, there was no point taking risks. When the heat had died down I made some arrangements and packed her off to Capsuleer training with a new identify. The only thing she has kept of her old life is the first three letters of her name. And now, here we are! All capsuleers together."

Cat smiled and stood up and took Drackarn's hand, pulling him out of his seat.

"If you ladies and gentlemen will excuse us, Drack and I have some catching up to do."

Drack looked back to the table as he was led out of the bar.

"Tak, will you tell Tekitha I might be late for her fleet" he smirked as he left.

The barman came over with another round of drinks.

"Who was that with Drack?" he asked.

"An old 'friend' apparently" said Devotion

"Exactly how friendly and how long is she staying?"

The Shadow's all looked at the barman suspiciously.

"What's it to you?" asked Un'cas

"Are you kidding? The amount Drack spends in here on drink and girls. If he's got a serious squeeze I'm in trouble of the financial kind!"

The table erupted in laughter again, but the barman was far from happy. He placed the drinks down heavily on the table and went back to the bar with a face like thunder.

"Actually, he's got a point. Drackarn... in a serious relationship?"

"Steady on. We don't know they are an item. She might just be a friend and he'd asked her to do that entry for our benifit."

"True! Drack as a one woman man? I think there is more chance of Tibus Heth marrying President Roden."

The table errupted in laughter again which was cut short as a series of beeps sounded around the table. Each member of the corporation got a message on their datapad. Simultaneously they retrieved their pads from pockets and opened the message which appeared to be a single image.

The word "Bastard!" resounded around the table in unison.


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