Monday, November 19, 2012

A Look at Retribution on the Test Server

.... or "A Trip to Buckingham.". Warning, a lot of screenshots incoming!

I'm a bad man! I admit it, I'd never been on the test server before! However, in my defence I do have a 20gb limit on my internet per month so a 1.5gb download is a lot. Anyway, I've been on holiday for the first week of this month so time to try it in the run up to Retribution. This is not a full list of the changes in Eve Online : Retribution and neither is it a Eve Online : Retribution review. It's simply me arsing about on the test server for an hour or two trying out a few things and taking a lot of screenshots. Whilst I was writing this over the weekend Susan Black was commenting on some of the changes on Twitter and she posted some pics of Retribution on her blog here.

Fairly easy to get onto the test server, full instructions here -

Basically, make a copy of your existing Eve folder called something different, create a new shortcut and edit the target line with the IP for the Buckingham server. But for smegs sake follow the full instructions otherwise you'll patch your main copy of Eve and have to reinstall to get back on Tranquillity.

Easy! Right, now what is new?

Vagabond, Tempest and Megathron Re-skin

The new Tempest.... well..... I'm not sure. Obviously in no small part to Clear Skies I have soft spot for the Tempest. The new one looks like a finished ship! That's not the Matari way. Anyway, like I said, I'm biased.

The Vagabond has had it's 2nd work over this year and thanks to Rixx Javix and the Frillseakers it has it's frills back! Somebody pointed out on Twitter (Susan Black?) the new paint job does make it look a bit like a Friesian cow and they have a point there!

Mega has had a re-skin too. Not a ship I use, don't even have one in my hanger, had to buy one to screenshot it. Not sure about the new curvy front.

However, my Vindicator does look a double-hard-evil-bastard now!


The four new destroyers to be included in Retribution are on the server....

....but only as blueprints so I had to log my alt on. Now I've done ZERO industry in years so had to fly 11 jumps to find some BPO's, return them to a factory near Drackarn as he can fly all destroyers and use all the guns which my alt cannot do, and remember how to build stuffz. Then I needed some minerals, so I bought a single big ship and repossessed that down to give the enough minerals to build each of the four BPO's. Then shipped them to my main who fit them and went ratting in each one......

I love the new Caldari destroyer, then again I am a missile fan. With a full rack of rocket launchers, the effects are great. The new Amarr and Gallente destroyers are meh (to me), then again I'm not a drone fan (and they really do need their drones!). The new Minmatar destroyer, well I'm not sure where that fits into the game. Then again that is from fitting just one, flying it out to an asteroid belt, killing a rat, then docking up. We'll see how I get on with them in the proper game.

The Ore Frigate.

Ninja Miners rejoice!

Really should try this out.... but.... mining? May be if I use an alt! Hang on.... the BPO is WHERE? Sod that.

New Camera Thingy

You can now set you camera to track to certain object. This is making video and screenshots easy. It also helps to see where things are and also to see where that slippery bastard just warped to :)

I like it, I like it a lot!

New HUD Changes for Combat.

You know how it flashes up really fast when you get hit but you cannot really see anything as its flashing up too fast. Now we have scrolling! Now before I undock my carrier... I am on the test server right....

There are also new hit types - Misses, Glances Off, Smashes, Penetrates, etc.

The targeting icons are also new with curving indicators for shield, armour and structure. My first thought was "I don't like it" but it grows on you very quickly. Of course the brackets are gone on the main screen replaced with the larger circles you can see above. Are we going to keep saying "He's red boxed" now there is no box (OK there are boxes still on the overview.....)?

Of course you also have the new flags. Didn't test them all but they appear to show you everything you need to know!

A New Button.

Hello. What is this? A bright green button to the top-left of my ship status round thingy.

Ah! It's a replacement for the annoying "Are you REALLY sure you want to do this?" pop ups. Looks like you can set it for Carebear (default), Wannabe (Orange) or Full Yarrrrrr (red). That will stop you going suspect, stop you going GCC or stop you in no way, shape or form!

Orbital Bombardment Ammo

As well as infantry gear, vehicles and weapons for the DUST-bunnies, the market has "Orbital Bombardment" ammo. Looking at the descriptions I think Laser is a precision strike, Hybrid is AOE effect and Projectile is battlefield EMP AOE. Interesting that there are no missiles for this.

Silly Things.

W...... T...... F......?

CCP Troll, best troll?

Anyway there are the most visual changes I saw in my play around on Buckingham. There are obvious a lot more things coming in Retribution (Crimewatch overhaul, Bounty System overhaul), I really liked the new "low capacitor" alarm! So why not get on Buckingham and have a go yourself. If we can break things on the test server and tell CCP about it, then we'll have a less buggy release in a few weeks!


  1. Haha you've stumbled on the same silly items that I have. Believe me, that's nothing compared to some stuff that already exists in the DB :-D

    But Key Pass to Open The Door... I'll have one, please.

    1. I'll take two in case I lose one in the bar! :)

  2. PS. Orbital ammo already exists on TQ. I make it for ISK :-)

    1. Lol. Didn't notice that. Then again I get my ammo from the corp shop website so don't browse the TQ market.

  3. <- don't go mess around with copying install folders and editing files, use the tool CCP created for it ;P

    1. Does that do Buckingham? Says Singularity and Duality. No mention of Buckingham.

    2. Sisi launcher is not supported any more. Follow the instructions on the Wiki its easy.

    3. Ah, my bad then, haven't been on the test server(s?) for a while now.