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The Angel Project

Hi all! Still on holiday and hopefully diving with sharks, morays, lion fish, groupers, stingrays, octopus and a whole manner of other sea life. Below is a quick interview I did with Sindel Pellion before I left! Please note comments will not be posted until I get back. This blog gets a fair bit of spam so need to filter out the spam and its dirty, dirty links!


When I think back to 2008 and my first few months in Eve the things that spring out at me are the learning cliff and trying to support myself with sod all ISK or assets. I recall times when I had the prerequisites for a new skill but didn't have the ISK to buy the skill book. Then once I had finally bought the skill book all the ISK I had was gone so couldn't afford the shiny new ship I could now fly with my super new skill! It was slightly maddening.

If you are on your own, Eve can be a hard game to get into. You need to grind ISK in order to get the better skills and ships you needed in order to grind more ISK to get the better skills and ships you needed in order to grind more ISK to get the better skills and ships you needed in order to grind more ISK........

The lovely Sindel Pellion....

.....has been running a scheme called The Angel Project since June 2012 which aims to help the struggling new players get into the game.

Hi Sindel!

How would you describe the Angel Project in the least words possible.
It's an in-game "charity".

OK, so how about if you had plenty of words to describe the Angel Project!
The Angel Project is a place where people who need things can go without worrying about being turned down because of the length of time they've played or the alliance they're in.  Anyone can ask for and receive help from the project.  It's also a place where people can donate items, isk and ships and know that it's all going to a good home.  I receive donations of isk, ships, time, advertisement and transport, and I give new and struggling players isk, ships, items or anything else they request.  Oh, and up there ^^^^ you called it a scheme.  That makes it sound dirty.  It's not a scheme.

How do you find those players in need of help?
It started out with me going around to newbro systems and yelling in local.  I'd give things to people who respond.  For example, I'd buy 10 Kestrels and then type in local that the first 10 people to open trade windows in this-or-that station would get a free frigate.  It's amazing how long that would take.  I'd have to wait an hour to give away 10 ships, people are that skeptical.
This project is pretty much entirely word-of-mouth.  I rely on the people I've given to to spread the word for me.  So now, the people who need things are finding me. "A friend got a ship from you and told me I should ask you for help . . ." That kind of thing.

What is the most common help you give to new players?
Sadly? Isk.  I have this PILE of ships, but they don't usually want T1 Frigates.

Do you find any difference between new players based on the race they chose? For example are Minmatar players more independent and ask for less help?
I'm not seeing that much of a difference in people who ask.  I WILL say that Gallente newbro space is the friendliest newbro space, though.  Caldari newbros ignored me and I tried multiple systems!

Do you ever offered help to someone and they are "Thanks but no thanks. I want to make it on my own?"
I have gotten that response and I respect that.  I wouldn't be where I am without the help I received, but everybody's different.

Do you ever get the opposite of that with some players wanting more than you give?
Yeah, I get that a lot.  Sometimes, it's in jest. Other times, people are actually angry that I won't give them a dreadnought.  I tell them if they're trying to bankrupt me, they're missing the point of the project.

What has been the most common reaction from people who have received things?
They are grateful.  Adorably, heart-warmingly grateful.  A lot of them try to give back to the project right away.  I try to refuse their help, saying if they came to see me, they aren't in a position to donate, but most are insistent.  They'll at least give me a T1 ship or a few thousand isk.  Yup.  Thousand.  It's great to see.  I tell everyone who receives something 3 things:

Pay it forward. To me. To someone else who needs help. Doesn't matter who, so long as the cycle continues.
Spread the word to as many people as possible.
Do NOT take advantage of the project. Everyone can request items, but abusing it just isn't cool.

They've all been very good about following the steps. :)

Eve Online is notorious for its scams, con artists and backstabbing. Do you find suspicion amongst those you are trying to help? Do they automatically assume its a tarp?
EVERY. SINGLE. PERSON. has asked what the catch is. No one thinks that they can get something for nothing in this game.  I once had a poor guy scared to click the 'Accept' button on the trade window because he thought he had to pay!  The newbros AND the seasoned vets all assume I'm a scammer.  It doesn't help that I'm based in Amarr, but I needed a market hub that wasn't Jita, but Amarr is known for it's colorful scams.  I just like it for the people, the reasonable prices and the central location. :(

The other thing Eve Online is famous for is players coming up with ways to milk mechanics. Is there a worry that people might try to take advantage of you?
I am fairly confident that I have already been taken advantage of.  Do I worry about it?  No.  Why would I?  Karma is a bitch, especially space karma.  If you're that dissatisfied with your life that you're going to take advantage of some girl trying to help people succeed in this ridiculously complex game, you can have the damn ships.  Maybe they'll bring you happiness.

Without naming names, what has been the biggest single donation to the project.
I already named him on my site, but he gave me 5 billion isk.  ♥

What are your hopes for the future of the Angel Project?
I would like for this to grow to the point where I don't have to constantly watch my wallet.  I'm doing well right now because I do laugh off large requests and ask if they'd like something a little less pricey.  It WOULD be nice to help people get into things like jump freighters and Tech 3 ships someday.  I'd be awesome to fund roams for newbro-friendly corps.  And if someday this grows so large that even CCP endorses what I'm doing, I'd be over-the-moon-happy.  But as of right now, I can at least do something to help-- and that's enough.

And finally, any last words? 
In order to keep this thing alive, more people need to know about it.  Thanks, Drackarn, for doing this write-up. ♥ And thanks to the readers. As for the project, I appreciate any type of donation I receive, regardless of the amount.  It might not seem like a lot to you, but every bit adds up.  And if you need anything, please come see me. :)

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