Sunday, November 11, 2012

Back to Eve, Sugar Daddies and Drifting Carriers

So I returned home from two weeks holiday on Thursday. The first week was on a dive boat going around the Red Sea visiting the various remote dive sites such as the Brother Islands and the Thistlegorm. Got to see some Thresher Sharks close up which was a first. The second week was at a beach resort on the Red Sea and involved doing not a lot, which was planned. Whilst I was there I did get on the internet briefly to find Rixx Javix came up with this rather epic piece of art based on The Expendables 2 movie poster featuring yours truly:-

That got me laughing out loud in the internet cafe. The next image I brought up as I was flicking through my Twitter email notifications was a naked photo of Sindel Pellion, to which the wife who was sat with me asked gently "AND WHO IS THAT!?!?!?!?". To be fair, her reaction was as you would expect when the wife finds you looking at a amateur photo of some naked woman. My reply of "Its Sindel from Eve!" was met with the response "Oh.... Legs! That is OK then!".

And no, I'm not linking the photo. Why? Because this may lead to lots of people using Google with the search term "naked photo of Sindel Pellion" and I know she just loves to see those sort of results in her blog's keyword search statistics. ;)

Anyway, at the hotel people watching was interesting, and what was most interesting was some of the couples staying there. First I thought it was nice to see so many fathers taking their daughters or granddaughters on holiday. Then watching a bit more carefully I realised that they were probably not related! Unless they came from the Lincolnshire Fens or the Somerset Levels.

I plan to do a blog post later about this in relation to Eve. Obviously these men very probably had money and power, as do the capsuleers in the universe of New Eden. What I would like to ask you dear reader, have YOU ever thought about how your character in Eve handles relationships? Maybe you get back to your quarters after a hard day of violencing spaceships to your space-pipe and space-slippers and sit down for a meal with your space-wife and 2.5 space-children? Are you having a torrid affair with the partner of a mega-corp director? Did some tragic incident in the past turn you into a loner who shuns closeness? Or are you a typical sailor with a girl (or boy) in every port (station)? Do you see your character behaving the same as those in our time with power and wealth, especially those holidaying on the Red Sea with a girl half their age? Wow, there are indeed a lot of demotivationals for this subject!

I'd really love to hear from you on this so I can list the various ways people see themselves in relationships in New Eden. Just need a couple of sentences such as:-

Drackarn - You could say he is your typical capsuleer. Aloof, superior and uncaring. He hasn't the time for relationships and generally relies on what's in the bar that night. He has previously had a "friends with benefits" type relationship with a female capsuleer but it never went beyond that.

You can comment below, Eve Mail Drackarn in-game or use normal email to that character name

Anyway back to Eve this weekend.

First thing I noticed is that as I logged in on Thursday is that I had a new chat window, 'Alliance'. The QCATS have joined the Drunk 'n' Disorderly alliance which I left over the summer. Will be interesting to see how things go.

First action on the Thursday was the report of a DARK-SIDE Tech 3 and BC gang in Tama. We jumped into some T3's ourselves and paid them a visit.

At the same time we were getting reports of a Black Ops BS gang not far away. As soon as we were finished in Tama we paid them a visit too.

Both of those fights had more ships in the enemy fleet. Just with a lack of loses and a lack of points on our side the KB's don't show all they had. Not bad for my first day back.

Next day I went out and solo'd a few times. Half way through a fight I realised that I was fighting a CATALYST and definitely not a COMORANT. How I made that mistake I have no idea, EMP is not best against armour tanks. I saw the scan, I loaded the right ammo for a Caldari destroyer. How did I mix them up. Thankfully I got lucky in that.....

......if they have zero tank then it doesn't make that much of a difference.

Later that day we heard the squids had a battleship fleet out. Again an annoying lack of points resulted in far too many escaping.

We were just docking back up when someone said they'd found a carrier drifting out of a POS shield. This resulted in the quickest ship up ever as we all hopped into dreadnoughts and got a mid-point cyno hastily positioned. Was funny really. I think it could be called "A headless chicken forum-up".

"He's still drifting"
"GO! GO! GO! Everyone in dreads. X get that cyno in position! Everyone undock! Light the mid-point."

With so many capitals undocking and jumping there was bumpage right, left and centre. Those of us who could dock as we flew past the station at mega-bumpage-velocity did and undocked ready to make the secong jump.

"He's slowing down! He's not AFK anymore and he's turning back to the POS."
"Get in front of him! Light the cyno! JUMP!"

I wonder what went through that Archon pilots mind.

1. SHIT! What am I doing ouside the POS?
2. 15km. Shall I 'burn' back to the POS or bounce?
3. I'll burn back it's not like there are many neutrals in system and what's the chance that anyone has eyes.
4. Yeah I'm heading back nicely now.
5. Were did that ship come from?
6. Is that a CYNO?
7. A DREADNOUGHT! AND ANOTHER! Oh and another, and another, and another....
8. ....... bugger......

His mate in a Mrymadon within the POS thought he'd extract revenge on us by killing our cyno ship. Unfortunately us dreads had aleady swapped to long range ammo and stuck optimum range scripts in the tracking computers to take down the three disrupters they had within the POS defences.

Nice to see one of them fitted a full set of rigs!

17 kills and 7.63bn ISK of ships killed for me on my return for no loses.


  1. This question could be Blog Banter material (though probably a check is in order if it has been asked before).

    1. If people don't think it's to close to RP you could be right there! Stan?