Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Capsuleers and Bow-Chicka-Wow-Wow!

......aka The Mating Habits of the New Eden Bound Capsuleer

A two-parter today. The second part is about capsuleers and "relationships" in-game. What do they do? But first, a fun little fight I had last night.

I've not been on Eve much in the last week. The alliance was going on a road trip last Tuesday but the moving op was too late for me. I decided I'd move myself on Wednesday (two alts in carriers and Drack in his dread with 4th account cyno). That didn't happen, because of wife. Ney bother, I'll do it Thursday night. As Friday is the weekend, I've got all night after I finish work and meet the guys down the bar after work. We started at 3:30 in the afternoon..... Suddenly, Friday! Hangover from hell! With 20 years practice you'd think I'd be used to it. By Saturday I was wondering what is the point in moving two carriers and a dreadnought three jumps for three days?

So last night I decided to undock a T1 frigate and solo roam a bit. First fight was Merlin Vs Merlin. I almost had him when another Caldari militia pilot turned up. I burnt out, warped off and gave a "GF" in local to which the new pilot replied "Asshole!". This got me confused until I worked out after a few more lines it was a Damar alt.

Anyway after a bit of a break I set out again only to jump into a T1 frigate gate-camp in the next system from home. There were four or five of them so I decided to try to burn back to gate, hold until some agressed and then jump back and try to out run those who followed. Either they all aggressed or were slow jumpers. 30 seconds later I was back in Nisuwa station looking at my ships wondering what could take all five but wouldn't scare them all off? I quickly assembled an AC Thrasher. ACs/rocket launcher, scram/MWD/MSE and I opted for TE's in the lows (Slashers and there TD's in mind). Add three extender rigs plus EM, Fusion and some longer range ammo and I'm ready to go. I undocked and saw they were in local. So I warped to a 1000km pounce from the gate and scanned, four on short range. A few seconds later two left local so I warped to the gate where I found two remaining. I engaged them and they attacked whilst calling their mates back. After a minute or so, four dead frigates and one frozen corpse. That was a lot fun even if it was only T1 frigates! It appears a Slasher got away but some guy called Jacob minced him in system :)

Now part 2. Capsuleers and, you know, Bow-Chicka-Wow-Wow!

Now don't get me wrong here. I am NOT a roleplayer. However, I am fascinated by the universe of Eve Online and love the sci-fi setting. Hence the fiction I post on here.

I am an Eve addict. I cannot escape Eve. Even on holiday on the beach it's there in my mind (Yes I know, sad geek!). Eve = Crack.

I saw something on holiday earlier this month that got me thinking "Would this still be happening 20,000 years in the future in New Eden? If so then surely it would be the capsuleers doing it.....

The heels first caught my eye first. Extremely high strappy stiletto's ending in a wicked point. The shapely legs were smooth and tanned, disappearing under the hem of a skin-tight mini cocktail dress. Her figure was a slender hourglass. There was more than a hint of cleavage. Her skin was glowing and unblemished. The face was simply beautiful. Her make-up was expertly done and the hair looked like she'd just stepped out of a salon. This lady in her early 20's would not have looked out of place in the grand casino in Monte Carlo at midnight. Stunning, absolutely stunning.

Suddenly my concentration (drooling) was broken as my two slices of toast dropped out of the toasting machine with a clatter. I wasn't in the grand casino in Monte Carlo at midnight, I was at the breakfast buffet at a beach resort on the Red Sea. I was dressed like most of the others there. T-shirt (Tweetfleet one ofc), swimshorts and flip-flops, all ready to head straight down to the beach after I'd had my toast and a cup of tea (I am British after all!). Then a man approached her, placed his arm around her waist and whispered something in her ear which had her giggling like a schoolgirl. The way they behaved at the table, they were definitely NOT father and daughter even though he appeared to be at least three times her age.

Then the wife and I noticed them everywhere. Men in their 50's, 60's and even 70's with a 20-something stunner on their arm. Money and power! Every time we spotted one, which had become a game, my wife said "Its disgusting!" to which I replied "Lucky basta..... ow! Why'd you hit me? That hurt!".

But in New Eden its the Capsuleers who have money and power. Would they behave the same? This got me thinking on capsuleer relationships in New Eden. The novels and Chronicles have covered normal people, but they never really have touched on Capsuleers. The novel The Emperyan Age had a bit in, but they were Navy capsuleers so not the independents or privateers that we play. Do capsuleers have girlfriends/boyfriends? Do they get married? Do they do this with only other capsuleers or do they mix with normal people? If they do what about the age old issue of an immortal living with a mortal?

Have you ever thought what your character would do in this sense? I have within the fiction I have wrote and posted here. You can pretty much guess what Drackarn's usual is by reading "The Repairs". He has had a sort of relationship with another capsuleer which can be found in "Minmatar Aren't the Only Slaves.". I asked around to see if others had ever thought about this using Drackarn as the example.....

You could say he is your typical capsuleer. Aloof, superior and uncaring. He hasn't the time for relationships and generally relies on what's in the bar that night. A one night is a long-term relationship for him! He has a "friends with benefits" type relationship with an Amarrian female capsuleer from his past, but it never goes beyond that.

Rixx Javix - Rixx found love among the stars and married fellow Capsuleer Anastasia Javix over three years ago. She supports his aggressive life-style and is the foundation upon which his career has been built. Together they have two boys that dream of following their parents as Capsuleers one day.

Eelis Kiy - She is cautious but loyal and reliable. Once her respect is earned you usually have it for life. She greatly values friendships with her comrades and has strong bonds with her closest capsuleer friends. But she is also very stubborn, quick to judge and can hold a grudge forever. She finds it hard to apologise and harder still to forgive. She has a slightly depraved sense of humour which some people find offensive and others warm to instantly. Eelis is a creature of the senses and as such is fairly promiscuous. She was once quoted as saying "f**king is as necessary to the human condition as oxygen". Few realise that she is also very happily married though does not see her husband for months or sometimes years at a time, as their separate Capsuleer paths often take them in different directions.

S810 Jr - Never settled down for a long-term relationship as when she wants something she just goes out and gets it. Likes to be in charge of those under the sheets (or anywhere else they are at the time). Will happy settle for male or female so long as they can get the job done.

Gabriel Darkefyre - Tries to never forget his roots, always conscious of the human cost of his actions or inactions often getting hit with attacks of conscience (and promptly hitting the Bottle afterwards). He has not had a relationship, serious or otherwise, since becoming a Capsuleer.

Bagehi - Slow to trust, but fiercely loyal once that trust is gained. He is slightly paranoid when out of the pod and vulnerable, as he has made many enemies over the years. He generally stays away from relationships or one night stands for this reason.

Seismic Stan - is a recovering warp-coolant addict with a history of behavioural problems. Any chance he might have had of attracting a woman who likes a bad boy is probably scotched by his tendency to be a soap-dodger. Basically he's a dirty space tramp with imaginary friends (who often avoid him). He thinks romance is a Gallente STD.

Druur Monakh - At core I'm afraid I'm a rather social and trusting person - and I'm aware that neither quality meshes well with a capsuleer's life. I compromise by keeping a loose group of acquaintances, while satisfying my more direct needs with the occasional fling. I did dare to let another person (a pod pilot as well) into my life recently, but it ended badly, and I learned my lesson. I know that I can fully be myself with my dear sister, and that'll have to do.

vagy - he is a solo player most of the time and he thinks most of capsuleers are that way because of all the back stabbing and greed involved. Serious relationships are not for him. He's too paranoid from all the drugs to trust someone that much. He usually uses mortal sex slaves to satisfy the lust. He might have a chat with other capsuleers in bars just to pass time or get in contact if it's isk or loot involved type thing.

So you have an interesting mix there. Actually I'm surprised we didn't see more like the Red Sea Sugar Daddies.

On this topic I was actually chatting to Eelis at the end of last week regarding the blog post I used on a previous Fan Fiction Friday as an alternative about real-life Matari clothing. Eelis commented that the skull bra in that post looked uncomfortable. I said for New Eden it should be the front end of an Avatar not a skull. She then said the men's version should be a pair of pants with the an Erebus on the front. Then it just got silly. I mocked the ones below up rather quick using a mankini for additional effect. But Eelis went the whole hog. I ain't posting that. So Eelis, its up to you!

Coming to the NEX Store soon? :o)


  1. I suspect, if those Red Sea guys wrote a descriptive paragraph they wouldnt be that much different than ours. I cheat on my wife all the time with hot sexy ba... honey? Put down the gun sweetheart. I'm just joking around with Drak, you know that... yes my clone is up to date... wh..

  2. And here is the missing image that Drakarn is making ME post tsk tsk (prolly not safe for work)