Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Its The Final Countdown

In a few hours the clock that has been ticking down on the Community site for the last week will reach zero. Then.... checkmate?

Nobody seems to know what it is for. It could potentially be a huge let down. Its been hyped up but what will it be? Anyway in a few hours we'll find out....

The hashtag #countdownguesses has been running a long list of possibilities with the #tweetfleet on Twitter. Mostly very humorous. Here are some of my guess of a more serious nature...

A Live Event?
Its possible this is leading up to some live event. Confirmation the Jove are extinct? The Sansha make their 'big push'. Angry CONCORD Guy gets REALLY ANGRY as we've been visiting Ghost Sites when he specifically told us not to?

The Summer Expansion?
In my view possible but unlikely. We are too close to Fanfest for major game announcements aren't we? They save that sort of thing for us paying thousands to visit Iceland... right? Right???

Project X?
Ripard Teg's Winter Summit notes listed a couple of "schuper scheekrit" new projects he couldn't talk about. Spin off games? The mobile strategy that was announced early last year has brought us...... well nothing that I know of so far. There was talk at FF13 about some DUSTy thing on the PS Vita thing. But nothing since. How about Eve Offline, the 80's style scrolling shooter that was on an arcade machine at Fanfest? Coming to a mobile near you soon(tm)?

Eve Valkyrie?
Oculus Rift is still not on the open market so no point making a countdown for a game that they cannot release is there? Pointless for advanced notice as it would be a countdown for a countdown? Isn't it.....?

The Eve Mini Series?
At Fanfest 2013 Hilmar revealed they were planning to do a Game of Thrones/Broadwalk Empire style Eve mini-series. Its been very quiet on that front since.

The Fanfest Line-up?
This was my guess and I think this is most likely. The countdown is on the community site after all. The countdown finishes on a Wednesday 12 weeks exactly before Fanfest. Will Hilmar allow the Permaband Shanghai Exiles to return so we can HTFU live? Will there be a FW round-table? Will we get told anything this year or will it be like last year "Remember the PoS revamp rage! DO NOT TELL THEM ANYTHING! Just use the word 'imagine' a lot and then tell the DUST514 players about all the cool stuff thats coming for them!" (I'm soooo bitter this days).

Something DUSTy?
Yes I know the countdown is not on the DUST site. I'm just still mad at Fanfest 13 where the DUST guys got told about lots of great plans and "look at this cool shit we making for you" and we Eve players got to told to imagine on some vague topics.

The Eve-O Comic Book?
Another Fanfest 2013 reveal. Players submitted their 'True Stories' in 2013 with some to be made into comics for the book. Since that it appears to have been fairly quiet again.

We'll see very soon.....

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  1. Aaaaaaamd... service unavailable....

    Looks like the announcement was the death of the community site... big surprise :)