Monday, February 24, 2014

Next NeX

Generally the Noble Exchange has been a bit of a let down. It was created pre-Incarna and was supposed to help us customise our Avatars in return for real-life space kredits! However as you never see other peoples avatars in game (unless you do through a few steps and why would you want to) there is no real point to those fancy boots is there? If Incarna had been properly done and we'd got communal areas then avatar customisation would have taken off.

Until we get proper 'Walking in Stations' the NeX store will used mainly for eye-wear only unless you have a thing about dressing up your avatar for your own personal viewing pleasure! At Fanfest 2013 Hilmar trolled us with 'the door' finally saying "may be next year". Who knows if we'll hear plans in May at Fanfest.

But what else could the NeX store sell? Weapons and modules?

Hey, steady! My Nerd-Rage Detector just spiked. Before you start commenting about pay-to-win I want you to read the following statement..

"Eve ALREADY has Pay-To-Win"

Yes, yes it does. Go to account management and buy some plex. Now sell those plex in Jita for 600+ credits a pop. Now you have lots and lots of ISK to buy silly priced ships and modules.

Within minutes you can have a faction cruiser fit with faction modules that is more powerful than a T2 fit but you don't need high skills to use. Stick in some hi-grade implants and you are there! P-T-W is already here and has been since the ability to buy PLEX was introduced. The fact is, in Eve, no matter how powerful your are, it is very easy for you to lose everything. That expensive cruiser can still die horribly to a few kiting frigates that cost only a couple of million if they are set up right. This makes P-T-W an expensive and unappealing way to play Eve Online.

However, the main issue here is that by putting modules in the NeX store CCP would be 'magicing' modules out of thin air. Currently faction modules are normal modules converted with ISK, LP and rat tags. You need a T1 version which was made or looted by someone else to turn into a faction version. You also may need tags that have also been looted by other players. Officer, deadspace and COSMOS modules are looted by, or rewarded to, other players who then sell them on. It is this 'bottom up' economy that makes Eve what it is.

No, modules and ammo won't work in the NeX store without harming the economy.

So what else can we put in there?

I was thinking about those fireworks we get occasionally as gifts! NeX store will work best with vanity/silly items. Ship skins, decels and the like are obvious but more difficult to implement I would guess. Festival launchers, snowball launchers and the like have traditionally been gifted to players by CCP. What if you could buy these in the NeX?

I'd buy some. And I still have all my Aurum on Drack, he's never spent a penny of the free Aurum that has been handed out over the years. But what about more?

Fireworks are nice, but what about firework bombs!

Work like null-sec bombs but need a special launcher that works in hi-sec and low-sec. These could be fun and also helpful as people could use them to practice bombing runs without anyone getting hurt.

How about rapid firework launchers? Get the party cruisers going!

Must be some fun stuff they can put in there for fun and get the Aurum flowing. Cash for CCP is good for Eve!


  1. I would pay arum to be able to remove rigs maybe

    1. At first I though "GREAT IDEA!" but then "What would happen to the rig market if we could reuse rigs?"

  2. They were selling fireworks and snowballs over Christmas, from the nex

  3. I still like the idea of it becoming a NeX Academy, with a system for employing command crews. The whole thing would be based around crews being relevant (I like the idea of them as a salvageable resource to be 'rescued'). As well as being able to restock lost crew for ISK (wrecking hits and hull damage having a chance to reduce the number, with significant reductions causing minor performance penalties), there could be specialist command crew and officers available for Aurum.

    Imagine having a number of slots which can be populated by specialists to oversee the activities of your crew, with the NeX Academy graduates being particular to the strengths of the station in which it is based.


    - Amarr Ministry of Order stations might have unique chaplains who can motivate Amarr ship crews to provide a few extra hull hitpoints (they selfless block holes with their own bodies).

    - Caldari Navy stations might train Ordnance specialists who can fit an extra missile into each load.

    - CreoDron train drone control specialists who automatically fix damaged drone hulls over time.

    - Pator Tech School train duct tape specialists who can keep modules from overheating for a fraction longer.

    And so on, you get the idea.

    Of course, all these bonuses would need to also be available through the open market too, and balance would have to be carefully considered.