Sunday, February 16, 2014

SCASSSS - Its a Small Galaxy

My kills have been down last few days. I've finally got an old mate a job over here in the real sandbox (aka the Middle East) and been showing him around the city and introducing him to people etc. Flooded England to hot and sunny desert has been a big change for him and I've been busy easing him in*!

I've known him for over ten years from when we worked together in the early noughties and again a few years later before I left the UK. I got him into Eve (with help of another of his mates) in 2009 but he went the Carebear route to start (sensible). So technically in-game, other than I used to buy blue pills off him, we have no connection. He lives as part of a NPC 0.0 alliance somewhere, I live in in low-sec in Black Rise.

So on Friday night we are waiting for a taxi to take us to the club and he's checking his phone.

"Oh, one of your guys just killed one of ours!"

I looked at the killboard and sure enough there had been a starship murder. As one member of House of Cards is ka-splatted by a QCat, there is another member of House of Cards and another QCat waiting for a taxi in the middle of the desert going to get a drink!

Its a small world both in Eve Online and here on planet Earth!

*To the expat lifestyle! -.-

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