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To Catch a Cheat

Friday Fiction! Escape pod here.

To Catch a Cheat

Mya woke and instantly knew she was in terrible danger. A filthy rag was stuffed in her mouth and she was tied to the top of some sort of table or bench. She couldn't see much but she appeared to be in an old factory or warehouse. Two men were talking nearby.

"What do you want us to do boss?"
"Chateaubriand her and dump her exactly halfway between Vinetti's place and the sty. Whichever of those two sent her will get the message."

Mya screamed though the gag. She wanted to tell them they were so wrong. Her mind raced trying to think what they meant by "Chateaubriand her". She knew the name was for a traditional Gallente beef roast but she also knew dinner was not on their minds.

"Oh, she's awake. You want me to question her boss?"
"Nah, leave the gag in. To be honest I really don't care for the 'why'. Just do it. I wanna hit the sack soon and loud screaming will wake me up too much and make it hard for me to sleep."


Three days earlier.....

Roden Shipyards Planetary Foundry,  Girande City, Mies III

"Philipe is having an affair." Rebbois suddenly stated as she sipped her coffee.

"WHAT?" Mya exclaimed, putting her cup down.

The two women worked for Roden Shipyards in the amour foundry on Mies III. The corporation didn't have many planet-side offices, preferring to operate from space-stations. However they did own several planet-side foundries which used space-elevators to ferry completed parts into space. This particular installation provided construction parts for frigate class ships. Rebbois worked on the front desk whilst Mya was in the human resources section. The two had become friends and regularly timed their breaks to coincide so they could meet for a coffee in the canteen and have a chat. Whilst Mya was single, Rebbois had been married to Philipe for six years. He worked in marketing for a local pharmaceutical firm. Selling medicines and health supplements to the big chain-stores all over the planet. Whilst Mya had never met him, what Rebbois had told her about him made this revelation shocking.

"He told you this?"

"No. I just put the clues together. He's too clever to be caught and hasn't the balls to admit it."

"How did you find out?"

"He was on another of these far-to-regular business trips. I was trying to do some bank transfers but couldn't remember the passcode. His communicator was off so I called the hotel. They said he'd checked out the day before."

"May be they made a mistake?"

"I thought that too. But I started looking around more carefully. I found receipts from various clubs and restaurants hidden in his closet. He hadn't been dining alone either looking at the bills. I started carefully noting what clothes he took away on business trips, the shirts didn't always come back, he bought new ones whilst he was away. I guess he got lipstick or something worse on them and threw them away. I even found he has a secret bank account. Bastard didn't want me finding out about how much he is spending on that bitch."

"Rebbois, deary. That is all a bit circumstantial. Are you sure you aren't jumping to conclusions? The receipts were probably working lunches and the men getting together at the bar. You know what they are like. I believe the name for guys buying shirts instead of having the old ones cleaned is 'man laundry' or something."

"Maybe. That's where I need your help."

Mya looked at her in shock.

"Me?" she asked "What can I do?.

"Yes, you. You are young, very attractive, just his type and he's never met you. I want you to be my bait."


Three days later.....

Hisanatic Hotel, Avigan City, Mies III

"Well frack you, you ball-less pussy. Run to her if you must. You can run all the way to Goon space for all I care."

Mya slammed the communicator down on the bar and picked up and downed the remainder of her drink.

"Asshat" she muttered under her breath but loud enough for people to hear.

She casually glanced at herself in the mirror behind the bar. She had to admit that she did look stunning. Rebbois  had taken her shopping and bought her a whole new outfit. They'd spent the afternoon at a spa before going back to Mya's to get her ready for tonight. Rebbois's husband was away at a conference and Rebbois had said that she would meet up with him in the evening as it was only an hours shuttle ride away. That way he'd be certain to be alone, no point making arrangements with your mistress if your wife is coming was her reasoning. Philipe regularly visited Avigan city, too regularly in fact. Rebbois's plan was simple, she'd call her husband saying she wasn't feeling well and wouldn't be coming after all. Mya would be in the bar dressed to kill and would be the honey trap. Her new handbag contained a small hidden camera. As well as racy lingerie, the seductive dress and killer heels, they'd also visited a shop that sold surveillance equipment. They'd bought a ladies handbag that contained a built in camera and recording device. Mya would let Rebbois's husband seduce her, get him into bed in just their underwear to get the incriminating footage. Then she would change her mind and leave before they did anything other than kiss. So far everything had gone well. She had entered the bar and seen Rebbois's husband already there. She had taken a seat two down from him at the bar. A message was sent to Rebbois that it was time and she had called Philipe, so he now knew she wasn't coming. The call Mya had just received was also from Rebbois and was the start of the trap.

"Man trouble?" a voice to her left asked.

Mya turned around and smiled at Philipe. The game was on.

"Aren't you lot always trouble!" she laughed.

He smiled and nodded. He attracted the barman's attention and ordered himself a vodka and Quaffe and told the barman to replace Mya's drink.

"Thank you. You didn't have to. No need to take pity on me just because I've been stood up!"

"Well I have been stood up too" he replied lifting his drink "So here's to being stood up!"

Mya lifted her glass to return the toast, angling her bag to make sure she captured him making the first move.


A while later they were both sat together in a booth and on their forth drink and chatting like old friends.

"So, are you married?" Mya asked. Philipe paused.

"Why do you ask?" he replied finally.

"Just wondering." she was thinking how to follow that up without raising suspicion. "Its just my non-appearing date tonight. He's married. I'm not proud of it. I'm not sure why I do it. Is it because the best men are already taken or is it because I'm attracted to married men?"

She inwardly smiled at how she'd managed to turn that around. Philipe laughed.

"So you are a scarlet woman then." he said jokingly.

"You are avoiding my question." she purred.

"Perhaps I like being a man of mystery" he replied.

Mya smiled back and excused herself. She went to the ladies restroom and thought about calling Rebbois but decided against it. What would she say? Her husband did appear to be interested in her work colleague? She touched up her make-up and perfume and returned to the table. The drinks had been refreshed.

"Are you trying to get me drunk Philipe?" she laughed. He just smiled.

As she sat she purposely crossed her legs allowing the split in her skirt to fall open. She saw his eyes dart down and then back up before darting down again. The lace top of her stockings and the shiny black satin strap of the suspender belt obviously attracted his attention as Rebbois had told her it would.

"So, we're not going to have an angry wife storming in tonight are we? Does she live close enough to come and find you here?"

"You seem to be very interested in my marital status." Philipe stated bluntly.

"Shit!" thought Mya, too much.

"Sorry. Its just I'm a bit worried that your wife, making the assumption that you are married, might walk into the bar at any moment and I could end up wearing my drink." She shifted in her seat slightly. Now her leg brushed his and she saw his eyes drop to the slit in her skirt again. Rebbois had chosen Mya's lingerie especially to trap her own husband. She placed her hand on his thigh and lent in. Rebbois had given strict boundaries. She could do flirty touches but no more. The only kissing she should do was right before she made out that she had changed her mind. "I'm feeling a bit low after being stood up and having an altercation with an angry wife is not going to make things any better."

He placed his hand on her leg and gave a gentle squeeze.

"Do you want to go somewhere more private that we can chat?" he asked.

She smiled and nodded. Checkmate.


Mya took a deep breath and looked at her reflection in the mirror. She was stood there only in her heels and lingerie in the en-suite bathroom of his suite at the hotel. Her dress was draped over the side of the bath. So far nothing had happened. They'd simply gone up to his room and had a drink and a chat. She'd flirted and shown more leg and it was clear he was interested. However, he still wouldn't reveal anything about Rebbois. So she had excused herself and gone to the bathroom. She decided it was time to accelerate things so had stripped off. It was time to make her move.

She opened the door and walked into the room. Philipe's jaw dropped open seeing her in just heels, stockings and lingerie.

"No more talking." she purred.

He stood and approached her.

"This is it!" she thought, glancing at her handbag. She'd angled it perfectly to capture the moment. Just a kiss, push him onto the bed, roll around to make sure the camera captured him enjoying himself. Then, as soon as he tried to remove any of her underwear, she'd have her 'change of heart' and leave in a hurry.

As Philipe was nearly at her. He reached into his pocket and pulled out a small black cylinder.

"What's tha......" Mya had started to ask when he sprayed the vaporiser in her face and she fell to the floor.


The bump of the vehicle woke her. It was pitch black. Her hands were tied behind her back and her ankles were lashed together. A gag prevented her from shouting. She listened, she could hear a voice over the quiet hum of the engine. It was Phillipe, it sounded like he was talking on a communicator to someone. She strained to listen.

"No trouble. I clocked her at the bar straight away before she even made contact with me. It was obvious. Worst honey trap ever. She even had one of those off-the-shelf-shit-secret-agent-camera-bags. It was amateur night."
"Yeah that's the one, the gold one with the silver trim. Unbelievable!"
"Well I played along, let her think she was pulling me in. I assumed she was a cop, but then she started asking if I was married and wouldn't stop."
"Look, you know I keep my personal and professional life separate. There is no way I am getting Rebbois mixed up in this shitty business we are in. I need to protect the woman I love from harm. You know exactly what the rival gangs would do if they found out I had a wife and were she was."
"That's right."
"No, I've got Cook with me. He helped me get her out of the hotel."
"No, she's still alive, we've got her in the trunk. I want to send a message."
"The old factory."
"No, a normal 'ho' wouldn't have the hidden camera bag. Plus she's never been seen in that bar before. The barman's on our payroll and I asked. She could be a cop looking to blackmail me in order to try and get me to turn snitch. You know, turn grass or we'll show this recording to your wife. She also might be working for the Vinetti's and wanted to repay me for the job we did on 'Parotte The Slasher's' girl when he started muscling in on our territory. You know, find out if I have a woman, where she is, grab her and do a similar job on her for revenge. To be honest I don't know which one she is and frankly I don't care."
"Yes, absolutely. Cook will take care of it in a way that sends a message to which ever one sent her. You don't mess with the Serps."

"Serps!" thought Mya in absolute terror. "He's not having an affair. He works for the Serpentis crime syndicate!"

The vehicle stopped and she heard doors slamming and then footsteps. Suddenly the trunk opened and she saw Philipe for a second, screaming madly she wasn't a cop or part of a trap by a rival crime organisation but the gag simply meant she couldn't be understood. Philipe looked at her in disgust before he sprayed her in the face again and she blacked out.


Rebbois walked into the staff canteen and looked around. Mya wasn't there. Their usual table was empty. Philipe had arrived home two nights ago and been his usual self. She could see through the 'loving husband' act now knowing what he was getting up to. However she had played along too. She wanted the tape and the evidence before confronting him. Where was she? She was supposed to be here! They agreed not to contact each other until they returned to work after the weekend to be on the safe side.

Rebbois left the canteen and wandered up to the HR office. She was now very worried. Had Mya gone too far? Had she actually slept with Phillipe? Is that why she didn't turn up at the canteen, she couldn't face her after sleeping with her husband? Was there nobody she could trust? Rebbois felt anger and betrayal at the thought. She entered the HR office and saw Mya's desk empty.

"Where's Mya?" she asked worriedly.

"We don't know." replied one of the girls. "She hasn't turned up and nobody can reach her."


In the city morgue in Avigan Doctor Moolis was cleaning up when a man entered.

"Ah Detective! Was just about to call you."

The detective nodded. "You got the prelims then Doc?" he asked.

"Yes. Well you don't need a degree in forensic medicine to see someone seriously pissed of some local Serpentis. Their usual MO. Her blood-work is flooded with high-grade Whizz. The attackers gave her a massive dose of the recreational pharmaceutical to prevent her passing out from pain. 100% pure too, she must have been buzzing. They probably could have cut that dose and sold it in nightclubs to Whizz-heads for 50k easy. Cost was not an issue here. Usual thing, ankles and wrists were secured with chains. I have some rust samples that embedded into her flesh whilst she was thrashing about. It'll tell you nothing though. Most hardware shops sell the same chain all over the continent. An Oxi-Plamsa blowtorch was used on her. Marks indicate a small flame from a handheld unit. Must have taken an hour or so for him, or them, to do her entire body. She was conscious for most of it thanks to the Whizz they gave her. They dumped the body in the alley and she appears to have lasted an hour or so after than. A slow and very nasty way to go Detective."

The cop just shrugged.

"To be honest I think we'll find she was no innocent victim. Serps save this treatment for someone who have really pissed them off. Especially wasting that much high-grade Whizz on her. I'm guessing she was from the Vinetti mob and was trying to seriously inconvenience one of their lieutenants or something like that. Either that or she was the girl of one of Vinetti's men and the Serps thought he needed punishing for something he did against them. These broads like the lifestyle of dating a gangster but never think of the consequences."

The doctor cleared his throat.

"Well Detective, then you'd be wrong. I just got the dental records search back."

The Doctor passed the Detective a datapad. His forehead furrowed as he read it.

"She's from out of town. A HR officer from the Roden foundry one city over? That makes no sense."

"No it doesn't Detective. I think someone may have made a very, very bad mistake!"

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  1. Whoa. You really do have a wicked streak in you. Brilliant as ever and left me hanging for more.