Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Completely Out of Fried Calamari

On Tuesday, Ladister, the final Caldari held system in the warzone fell to the Gallente Militia. This was the second total domination in recent history with the Gallente capturing the entire warzone back in early 2013. Oddly enough it was Ladister that was the last system to fall last time too. In fact I even made picture the last time it was like that!

However this won't last for long. It never does. Faction war is like Battlestar Gallactica or The Matrix. This has all been before, it will be again etc etc.

The problem is now is that the Gallente are now officially bored. Many of us have been very bored the last month or so with a lack of war targets as the squids were pushed back. However the capturing of systems has kept many going. Now there are no more systems to capture and Caldari numbers in space will be at their lowest point. Squid LP is on a 50% nerf whilst the Gallente are swimming in them.
  • There is no one to fight.
  • There are no systems to capture.
  • LP prices are getting low.

So what now? Well the same as always.

Gallente players will get bored and go do something else. The Gallente LP crash will lead to all the farmers swapping back to the Caldari who's LP price will be rocketing with low supply. With lots of farmers and low levels of Gallente militia the Caldari will start capturing systems. Soon the Caldari will be level on systems. Word will get around and Gallente PvP pilots will come back. Fights will start, systems will be traded and we'll be back to peak fighting.

As I see it, the Caldari get too many farmers. Caldari LP store goods are too popular with Level 4 Mission Farmers (shield tank, missile damage) so they will always have more farmers due to the profit you can make from the squid LP store due to demand. This lets them get a lot of victory points, but that only gets you so far. Taking systems requires a bunker bust and no farmer is interested in that. Poor LP reward verse time and risk, plus if you capture the system you cannot farm LP as easy. So what we end up with is lots of vulnerable Gallente systems, but no one does that last bit and captures the system.

What we need is bigger incentives to fight and lower LP for plain farming.

What has been suggested in the past is that LP from offensive plexing is stored in your own personal kity. All LP have a life of 30 days. If they are not claimed in those 30 days they vanish. In order to claim the LP you need to capture the system. If the system is not captured, then those LP just fade away into the big black. No more LP farming, you have to bring the fight! This would lead to increased fighting and reduced farming.... I think.

A lot of the issues with faction war we have brought on ourselves. We asked, CCP gave, we realised after the change there were unforseen consequences. Will this lead to better PvP in faction war, or would it lead to armies of farmers working together on both sides to keep flipping systems back and forth to claim LP?

I'd hate to be CCP. The players of their game are all cunning bastards!

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  1. If I've said it once, I've said it a hundred times...docking rights tied to occupancy is the main factor here. There are other ways to create consequences/meaning for the losers/winners without driving the other side out of low-sec.