Sunday, August 31, 2014

SCASSSS - Because of Falcon

I'm a pirate. I'm -10. I'll shoot anything that moves. However, 99.9% of my kills are combat ships in low-sec. I don't go to hi-sec, I don't kill carebears there. I'm not a big fan of suicide ganking but absolutely 100% agree it should be allowed. This is a space combat simulation. Just as you are not safe in the city centre and the police in real life cannot protect you 100%, the same should be in New Eden.

If you drive you fancy brand new car full of expensive goods down to the ghetto and get car-jacked, don't whine to the Police that they didn't stop it.

CCP Falcon is absolutely 100% spot on here.


  1. Falcon doubles down on HTFU and the "social experience" at a time of falling subs and revenues, when solo players are still the bulk of his customers. The same old answer in a different world. Good luck, CCP.

  2. "This is a space combat simulation."

    Indeed, yes. And agree, ganking is fine ... if there is space. No space means newer players are jammed in with vets. Newer players are easily found for vet amusement.

    Space is necessary for development, hunting and evasion. The game as it stands now is just gank, clash, or blob. Good luck, CCP.

  3. Yeah, because the vast majority of ganks were so totally not completely avoidable on the victim's part. And because getting your ganked AFK retty ganked once is so incredibly humiliating that you just have to rage quit forever, instead of learning from it and adapting your game, i.e. actually playing a non-consensual interaction MMO by taking appropriate measures in relation to other players. And because new players in ventures/procurers/t1-t2 fit battleships are so getting ganked way more than people flying ridiculous loot pinatas or AP'ing down the amarr-jita pipe. Right.
    Flying solo in the shared sandbox != single player + chat

  4. If it is a space combat simulation, then why do our haulers have no guns? Not that I disagree with good honest piracy, but the mechanics as they are now means that there isn't actually a fight between hauler and ganker.

    I'm sure it's been pointed out a thousand times before: Even the Millennium Falcon got to shoot tie-fighters. Why are the only two option for haulers run or die?

    I'm not a fan of suicide ganking. I'm not a fan of ganking in general. 'Push button get kill mail' is not the kind of warfare I want to see. I know I'm in the minority on this, but I think a fight should be equally engaging for both sides. Otherwise you're not actually playing a game.

    1. Gankers of course work to ensure the gank appears in their favour.. you can't expect piracy = "fair fights". That's the game for them. On the hauler's side, playing the game obviously means avoiding ganks (or surviving the concord spawn time) as much as possible, not actually "fighting" during a gank.

      But haulers can "fight" off gankers, e.g. A nereus can fit a gun, neut and field 3 drones with a reasonable tank, which is more than enough to dispatch overconfident small ships. More usefully for hisec: BRs are unscannable, fast warping, cov ops cloakies...; DSTs can fit t2 burst tanks in the region of 200+k ehp; orcas can have 400k ehp with guaranteed 10s align+warp time...; hell, haul in a BS if guns really make your day. And really, scouts+escorts.

      Forum warrioring and blog ranting for buffs/nerfs is a perfectly legit game meta, but the way to really help newbies is to share this kind of simple concrete gamplay advice.

      The reason EVE works as a piracy game is that there are plenty of effective counters, both in engagement mechanics and general play strategy. It's like people don't realise a game of risk-free AFK miners and haulers will precisely be a a game full of people "not actually playing a game."


  5. CCP: Miners, Industrialists and Traders are quitting? We didn't want those subscriptions anyway.
    CCP: Wait ... Well, I'm sure CCP Atlanta and CCP San Francisco did.
    CCP: Now that I am thinking about it and everyone believes the same way around the office here in Iceland, those offices need to HTFU (and find new jobs).

    Seems a little farfetched huh? Well, when you tell everyone in a SANDBOX GAME that if their playstyles do not involve predator behavior they are playing wrong, what do you think is going to happen? Look, CCP needs to decide when its time to pull the plug on all non-PvP oriented gameplay and make the game the way they want it to be: PVP 23/7.