Sunday, August 10, 2014


Anyone who reads this blog will not be surprised I think the historic clothing for our avatars is a tad boring and certainly there is far too little leg on display. Now I don't want to see avatars just in their underwear, but come on, currently its all a bit straight-laced isn't it? Is this what we space-pirates 20,000 years into the future will be wearing? However, Is this about to change? I saw a Tweet from CCP karkur which led me to this interesting post*.

TL;DR - Following new short dresses in Kronos, that player wants more legs on show and is unhappy the client forces you to wear pants with the dresses! Here is something he mocked up to demonstrate what he is keen on:-

Whilst not going THAT far, CCP karkur points out that there are some changes on the Test Server right now. Here is one of my alts currently. In my fiction she's Drack's lover. Honestly, thats the best clothes available at the time I rolled her:-

Now, after CCP karkur waves her fairy magic wand on SiSi:-

Sorry other Devs, I appreciate you are doing great work on wormmholes.... but CCP karkur just won Hyperion hands down as far as I am concerned! I will be spending AUR in Hyperion... and I have NEVER spent a single AUR on any of my four accounts since that currency was launched!

CCP karkur, keep up the awesome work!

*PS - I agree with the person's OP, but I DO NOT agree with how they behaved further into the thread.


  1. I am glad you will be having fun playing dress up barbie.

  2. I still happy to have a shirtless (but jacketed) male toon, which appears to be impossible now.