Monday, April 20, 2015

Entosis Links - Now With 66% Less Trololololol

CCP are really taking on board players comments and concerns with Fozzie Sov. The revised thinking on the Entosis link has been posted on the forums and its looking good. They are aiming for the ideal of "Whoever controls the grid, wins" as opposed to "Whoever is the best kiter wins".

Concern - You can just sit a Capital on the capture point and win!
Solution - Capital ships have a role bonus that increases the module cycle time by 5x. Therefore that capital will be stuck there unable to warp, jump or escape for 25 minutes after activating a T1 link module. Not a great plan in the enemies space. Even with the T2 version, 10 minutes is a long time to have your capital sat vulnerable and unable to escape. Remember that the first cycle is just a warm up. A capital with a T1 link will need 50 minutes to affect the structure.

Concern - Trollolololol Interceptors will dominate
Solution - The link now adds between 250,000 and 1,000,000 mass when online. Note that is not activated, that s online. Like a plate. Your Trollololololceptor probably moves like its flying in treacle when one of these is fitted.
Outcome - You are going to lose that Trollolololceptor often. Add on the cost of the link and fuel and it will be a fairly expensive troll.

Concern - Kitey ships will still dominate
Solution - To be kitey you need the T2 version. That requires 100 powergrid. Not easy for a frigate or destroyer to fit.
Outcome - When you are buying Cynabals to throw away, you might ask how much trolling you are really doing!

Concern - Trolling by logging off deep in enemy territory and hitting the structures... Every. Bloody. Day.
Solution - The Entosis link now uses fuel in the form of Stront. You'll need to get a supply of fuel down there.
Outcome - You'll need two alts now instead of one. One in the Entosis equipped ship, the other in a cloaky industrial with a cargo of Stront. Additionally, will stront be in more demand? Less sieged dreadnoughts now HP grinding is no more but lots of entosis links? How will that affect Stront demand?

The actual stats currently (and very subject to change) are:-

T1 Entosis Link:
Base 5 minute cycle time and 25km range, costing ~20m isk
Requires Infomorph Psychology 1
+250,000 mass when online
5 Minute Cycle Time, 25km range
10 PWG, 1 CPU
50 Capacitor per cycle (0.1666 cap/s)
Consumes 1 Stront per cycle

T2 Entosis Link:
Base 2 minute cycle time and a 250km range, costing ~80m isk
Requires Infomorph Psychology 4
+1,000,000 mass when online
2 Minute Cycle Time, 250km range
100 PWG, 10 CPU
500 Capacitor per cycle (4.166 cap/s)
Consumes 1 Stront per cycle

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