Sunday, April 5, 2015

SCASSSS - SKINS on the Test Server

The new SKINS system is on the test server. Currently to apply a different ship skin you have to do the following:-

  • Buy blueprint.
  • Go to manufacturing.
  • Add blueprint and ship hull.
  • Received skinned ship.
  • Cry when your skinned ship is killed and you spent all that money plus its an extra 200m ISK to your T1 frigate loss mail.

The new system is better. SKINS you buy and inject are permanent and do not get destroyed.

Buy them on market from players or direct from the NeX:-

Inject the SKIN license into your head:-

Change between any skin you own via the ship fitting window in station:-

Or swap in space giving gradual change visuals similar the cloak effect. Here I am swapping my skinned Chimera back to a normal one......

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