Monday, April 6, 2015

Hunting a Stabbed Farmer

Just before I was due to head to the pub with a member of the CFC to watch the Liverpool game on Saturday, I thought I'd log onto Eve quickly. As the screen loaded I noted that the system was contested. Usually this means someone is plexing right now as there are enough of us to keep the system stable.

Sure enough there was one Frog in local. I opened zKillboard to see what he like to fly. It was not good. I saw red. So much red.

Either this guy was a very bad PvP'r who didn't know when to quit, or was a farmer. I looked at recent loses. I guessed farmer for some reason...

So I opened my hanger and looked for a suitable ship. It needed to have three long points as he'd probably be sat away from the warp in. It needed long range guns for the same reason. It didn't need prop mod as he didn't use them. So I was left with this fit:-

I undocked and scanned through the Plex open. None of his usual ships were showing up. However there was a Quafe skinned Tristan. Would anyone farm in a Quafe Tristan? May be?

Now I was stuck. The Kestrel I was flying would kill a stabbed farmer, but against any PvP ship I'd die horribly and create a cringe-worthy lol-mail. I decided to risk it and warped to the plex. Upon activating the gate I looked for a suitable celestial. If it wasn't the farmer I'd need to GTFO very quickly. Thankfully it was the farmer sat off 20km from the warp in.

Of course like many stabbed farmers he wasn't paying attention. I got point on him and he lazily recalled his drones. Why rush he must have thought? A long point Kestrel is not a problem when you are stabbed. With his drones recalled I'm guessing he hit warp an was soon screaming "Warp off..... warp off? WARP OFF?"

My triple long-point Kestrel had him. Whilst my DPS was poor and had no tank he had already admitted defeat by not launching his drones which would have been an issue. Then again could he even target me back at that range with twin stabs? He just sat there as I killed him. Hoping for the pod express, he left his pod for me to point. As with all stabbed farmers, I only pointed and waited. After a few minutes he realized I wasn't going to kill him and give him a free ride home, I was just holding him to waste his farming time. He activated self-destruct at this point. Being ready for this, I activated my stopwatch which I had ready on my phone. 

Just before the two minutes was up, I popped him.

We really need to sort out warp core stabs in low-sec. Add a 80% damage nerf to all damage types to them and problem solved. Industrials and transporting/travel fit won't be affected and stabbed farmers won't be able to kill the rat and farm!


  1. I dont see the problem. A wcs farmer recieved their reward.

    Circle of gank. Gankers kill evasion fit. Evasion fit evades pvp. Pvp kills gank fit

  2. I would just add a change the gate requirement. Are you frigate etc ? Are you stabbed ? If your stabbed you can't come in
    Even then they will still farm

  3. Just bring friends with more points, what is the problem?

  4. "We really need to sort out warp core stabs in low-sec."

    It was very surprising to see FW plexes in my non-FW system this morning...
    Low-sec is not just FW space. It is nice to see you ignoring all the work Sugar put in to get CCP to recognise that...

    I'll rephrase your comment, and Rixx's attitude...

    'We really need to sort out warp core stabs in FW complexes.'
    There: simple, trivial to understand, and above all, intellectually honest.

    Rob K.

  5. What's the problem with WCS? Someone farmed a plex and you killed him. Doesn't really sound as if the dead person needs another nerf...

    Are you so bad at pvp you need to saddle up WCS fitted ships with another 80% damage nerf? Is it not enough that he has a 10 km lock range and needs a minute just to lock you? Are you afraid he might actually shoot back?

    If I fit a ship for transport and I somehow I do get tackled, I really like the option to shoot back. It's my final resort.

    Keep the WCS, remove rewards for plexing!
    Are you a pvp-er looking for a fight or a ganker looking to execute someone?

    1. That guy is "capturing" my system. For every plex he captures one of us has to sit still in space juggling our bollocks for 10 to 30 minutes doing nothing when we could be PvPing. I would prefer a straight up fight any day of the week. I'll take your comment for Mondays blog post I think.

    2. Well someone wanted consequences for (FW) pvp because otherwise people apparantly lack motivation to fight.

      I'll accept that living in another system or not being in FW so you shoto at twice the number of targets is somehow not aceptable to you. The question then is how we can prevent a risk averse person using WCS, ECM or other 'dishonorable' means from farming the content.

      We can take away/reduce the rewards for farming or we can try to prevent certain fits from accessing the content.

      I actually tried out FW, created an alt and trained for a cloaky venture but found the experience rather unrewarding and boring.

  6. Do you even play eve online? Three long points won't stop a triple stab'd ship.

  7. Do you even play eve online? Three long points won't stop a triple warp core stabbed ship from warping off.

    1. The overwhelming majority of his loses were with two stabs. Hence why I fit 3.

  8. I use a triple long point astero. As an added bonus, if you build it to kite it can also handle some PVP fit ships.

    I used to also have a lot of success with a dual scram MWD Astero. If you use an alt to chase the farmer out of the plex, sneak the astero in and cloak up 30KM off the button, you can often MWD within scram range in the 7 seconds that it takes to lose your decloak delay and lock up the farmer, as long as he is moving.