Wednesday, April 8, 2015

I'm Blue About Blue

No, not about these asshats for once. Its about the new SKINS.

Coming soon (no TM here, they are on SiSi) are the new ship skins that look, well, awesome. Now my favorite colour is blue. Most my work shirts are blue, my ties are blue and the wife always jokes about me and the colour blue.

There are some blue skins coming this month with the new ship skinning system to be released in the next expansion. So I should be happy right?

All awesome. So I'll love the new Kador Archon right? No. Its blue!

Wait a second Drackarn. You just said you really like the colour blue and this Kador Archon is really, really, really blue!

I know. I cannot explain it. I think it is because it is an "official" Amarrian House. CCP Fozzie appears to disagree with me.

It should be gold in my mind! The golden fleet! At Fanfest we were told that the art department are working on skins that are not tied to in-game NPC corps. Skins that just look good and not Quafe, Lai Dai, Wiryrkomi etc etc. Now a blue Archon in there is fine, a capsuleers blue Archon. I just cannot get my head around an official "Amarrian NPC" blue Archon. Its just.... wrong*. I know all the counter arguments. I know that I'm wrong. It's just... a blue Archon?????

*in my head anyway!

P.S. Yes I know Gallente ships being blue is also somewhat wrong. But.... blue Archons!!!