Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Fozzie Sov Hits!

War.... war never changes.... unless CCP change it.... then it changes.

Yesterday Fozzie Sov hit the servers. No more super-cap blobs grinding a gazillions of hit points. Now one man and a cruiser can really screw you over unless you have active people.

CCP have made the conscious decision to allow everyone to see who is kicking who. I guess because CCP want 3rd parties rocking up and causing trouble. Dotlan has all the events on their website here Within the first few opening hours it appeared to kick off...

As well as Dotlan, the website shows all the current timers and you can sort by type etc. So if you want to crash a station timer or want to find when a certain alliance is going to be desperatly defending their iHub you can find out.

The in-game map has Sov tools such as showing you Freeport stations if you are looking for them.

It also tells you what's happening in a bit of detail too.

At the time of drafting this on Tuesday we were only a few hours into a brave new world and I think the map of recent Sov changes is only getting started....


  1. The clusters are down - server hamster must be kicking it with fozzie sov

  2. This is a very big guns. two person are keeping it up.

  3. First jump nerfs now this, can't think of a reason to resub the super char anymore