Monday, July 13, 2015

Kill Board Values?

I popped on to Eve over the weekend with a free half hour. I hoped they'd be some action in our system. I found a single Frog as I logged on and checked the KB. He liked sniper ships. Lots and lots of sniper ships. I undocked in an arty Thrasher and scanned. Catalyst in the Small Outpost. Went in, fought, blapped him, podded him. 1m ISK ship and 47m Pod. I warped to station, dropped off loot repaired and through I should close that plex. So I went back to roll the 20 minute back and capture it.

Soon I got a Condor on short scan. No Frogs in system so must be one of the pirates or a blue. I overheated the web just in case and waited. Pirate! I got him to structure before he's able to get away. He warps off and I stay there. A few minutes later he's back. I overload ALL THE THINGS assuming he's refit in station to counter my Arty Thrasher. He comes in and I blap him and also get his pod too. Mid-grade Slave set. Nice. 4.8m ISK ship and a Pod just under a billion ISK.

Later that night I was on the Eve-Kill board and saw my kills for the month was at 4bn nearly. Wut? My Eve mojo has been low recently and I've not been playing a lot. The first pod was valued by Eve Kill at over 3bn whilst the client said it was 47m.

So how do different killboards value these kills? Lets compare the values that the client, Eve-Kill, zKill and BattleClinic gave to these four kills.

In Game- 0.98m ISK
Eve-Kill- Kill Missing
zKill- 2m ISK
BattleClinic- 1.8m ISK

Catalyst's Pod
In Game- 47m ISK
Eve-Kill- 3500m ISK
zKill- 454m ISK
BattleClinic- 390m ISK

In Game- 4.8m ISK
Eve-Kill- Kill Missing
zKill- 7.1m ISK
BattleClinic- 7m ISK

Condor's Pod
In Game- 0.84bn ISK
Eve-Kill- 1.1bn ISK
zKill- 0.93bn ISK
BattleClinic- 0.98bn ISK

Fair old difference there. That first pod has the wildest swing with the four CA implants. But who is right? 47m in-game calculation, three and a half billion on Eve-Kill or somewhere around 400m which zKill and BC think.

So what can I but that clone setup for in Jita today?

CA-3 = 60m
CA-1 = 180m
CA-2 = 160m
CA-4 = 60m

So its actually worth 460m this weekend. Congratulations zKill, you are the closest to the actual values!

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