Monday, July 20, 2015

More on Polarised Weapons

Yesterday I posted a pretty bad loss-mail for the Special Sunday Short. Someone had taken a Navy Raven and fitted Polarised Launchers on it. These weapon systems released last year can be found in Sleeper Caches give monster DPS. However, they drop all your resistances to zero. Absolutely zero no matter what you fit. Shields, armour and structure are all zero resistance across the board and you cannot change that.

DCU? Zero!
T2 Shield Hardener? Zero!
Deadspace Hardener? Still Zero!
Rigs? Surely rigs help? NOPE! ZERO ZERO ZERO!

Here is what happens to a (mostly unfit) BC when you fit any polarised weapon on:-

So the question has been asked what is the point of these weapon system given they turn your ship into a glass cannon?

Well, they are used on glass cannons!

Their main use is pretty much to be used when you need a metric f**k-ton of DPS but are not going to get shot. For example a PoCo or undefended PoS. Especially in a home system or low-sec/NPC Null station system.

Purifier - Glass Cannon
The Purifier (or the Hound depending on what damage is best) is a good choice from all the bombers as it has an extra low-slot so you can add in an extra BCU for a bit more DPS.

DPS - 951
EHP - 1750
Cost* - 145m

Talos - Glass Cannon
Already a DPS monster, adding polarised weapons to it and going all out DPS makes a Vindicator green with envy (and a green Vindicator is just a Megathron really!)

DPS - 1658
EHP - 8481
Cost* - 200m

The tank of these ships is pretty bad. The only way to tank a polarised fit ship is with a huge buffer but with zero resists its never going to be a great tank. However given the price of these weapons, its mostly best to leave them untanked and go balls-deep with full glass cannon fits and run at the first sign of trouble!

Anyone got another use for them?

*Costs from EFT as it was DT as I wrote this!


  1. The only reason I can see for using them is if you can take off and nuke the site from orbit. Relatively safety in otherwords. The DPS from polarized cruises should be pretty spectacular. Unsure if he was gambling on overwhelming deeps to keep him out of mischief or if his logi was asleep.... but no MJD?

  2. The Primary use that I have heard is for the bashing of relatively safe structures, Mainly in High Sec because of the inaccessibility of Capitals.

  3. For direct pvp you can do fun things with them on destroyers, as a trap for overconfident people with expensive ships.

  4. destroyer fitted with polarized blaters and MSE can anihilate any frigate before its pilot realize whats going on, especially if its active tanked

  5. Seen them used in bombers bar for taking on supers