Monday, October 5, 2015

Crimson Harvest - Paint the Space Red!

So CCP have revealed that "The Crimson Harvest" is coming this autumn. CCP Falcon advised Reddit users to "Be Afraid". So what do we know? Well the information on Eve Updates appears to suggest Bloody Omir is coming back after a few years away! Who is Bloody Omir?

OK, here is the abridged history:-

He's the leader of the Blood Raiders. Amarrian with some Caldari ancestry (his mother's father was a squid), he was the product of a very good night an Amarrian Noble had with a high-class 'professional' in Amarrian Low-Sec space.

As a bit of a problem child, he stole and killed animals as many nutters do. His mother could no longer pay the authorities off to look the other way after he stabbed another child. She gave him a lot of money and sent him into Blood Raider space (where she worked previously) to evade justice.

He joined one of the Raider's sects as a runner. However, being a bit of a psycho he quickly worked up the ranks through violence and torture and was soon a High Priest. This gave him his own ship and crew and off he went raiding. He was targeting not only civilians but other Blood Raider sects too. Many of which fell in behind him as he was such a nutter it was a case of better the devil you know! His sect grew as more joined him and his opposition dwindled.

The Blood Raider leadership didn't like his growing power and his unauthorised raiding so sent an assassin to kill him. That assassin failed and Omir wiped out those that sent them (ie the Raider leadership) and assumed ultimate control of the Blood Raiders.

Omir got hold of the prototype Insorum (the cure for Vitoc which the Amarr used to control slaves) and unleashed it on a planet. The slaves, now free of Vitoc, went 'Full Matari' and the death toll was huge as they revolted. This made the Emperor a little bit miffed. A combined Imperial Navy and Capsuleer campaign saw the Blood Raiders get spanked.

Kicked from the Bleak Lands and forced back into Delve the Blood Raiders have been a bit quiet recently (forgetting that bit about keeping the Empire leadershipless and having their puppet Court Chamberlain in charge).

So what are we going to see? I'm guessing CCP will be starting to INCURSION ALL THE THINGS. We'll still see Sansha Incursions but along with Drifter Incursions they'll also be Blood Raider Incursions. All three of these 'pirate' factions are harvesting so stands to reason we'll see similar incursions popping up.

The Blood Raider and Drifters will be picking on the Amarr obviously. Is this the start of the downfall of the Empires? We know CCP's roadmap is about the Empires losing control and the rise of the capsuleers.

Is this the beginning of the end for the four Empires.....?

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