Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Eve Online For Stress Relief (Seriously?)

Kryten - ...Your T count, which is the hologrammatic equivalent of blood pressure, is higher than a hippy on the third day of an open air festival, and if you wish to avoid a gigantic electronic aneurysm, it is imperative that you start on a program of relaxation.
Rimmer - I see, and you thought that the best way for me to start this program of relaxation was to tell me my brains are about to explode. You've got the bedside manner of an abattoir giblet gutter.

Red Dwarf, Season 6, Episode 5 "Rimmerworld"

OK it wasn't exactly like that but it was along those lines. As an overweight gamer in a stressful job/environment and hurtling towards the big "four oh" it wasn't a massive surprise when the doctor told me I had "issues". People have been telling me that for years to be honest, however I think they weren't talking about health issues!

I've got to make some serious changes and its started this week. Sugar is primary and salt is secondary. Fat is tertiary. I had lost 15kg so far this year (I had been concentrating on fat in my diet this year). Over the summer I've put a couple of kilos back on (its 50C outside in the summer, you cannot do anything!). Last night I restarted my nightly walk as its now dropping to below 40C after 7pm so going out for a 3-4km walk doesn't turn you into Bellock from Raiders of the Lost Ark.

So that's the first set of changes. The second is blood pressure which relates to stress which in turn is how this post dovetails into Eve Online.

I PvP mostly solo. A good 1v1 gets my heart racing and my hands shaking. This is great in-game, not so much for my body apparently. I'm told I need to relax and chill more, and shaking hands are apparently not good. So what are my options if I want to still play Eve but need to be less stressed?

Mmmmmmm not sure about that. I hear with all the high-sec griefers it can be stressful? I really have no idea.

Level 4's
Ah, back to how I started in-game all those years ago. I have ships back in high-sec and toons skilled specifically for murdering rats. I could mothball Drack for a bit and play the "level 4 alts". Sounds a bit boring though.


Nah. Not something I'm massively interested in.

Apparently that can be as stressful as PvP with no local and the chance someone can pop out of nowhere and ruin your day.

Heading into unsafe territory and.... wait, yeah thats not going to help!

Mmmmmmm. I hear if you get the right big alliance, null-sec can be safer than high-sec. Watch the intel channels and its hard to DIAF unless you are Awoxxed. Just have what stuffz that I need in null and nothing more so if we lose the outpost it means nothing? I don't know to be honest.

Continue in Faction War
They say "Only the Good Die Young". I'm not good, so should be OK? Mmmm may be not then. One option could be to fly an empty clone and relatively cheap T1 ships and have no **** to give? Fly fits that I don't care if I win or lose. Actually can I even get in that mindset? Can I actually not care if I lose? Even a 9m frigate which is nothing in ISK terms? Not sure I can.

Take a Break
Not something I want to do. I'd much rather find something else less stressful. However it is an option. Apparently the things wrong with me (well the physical ones anyway) are reversible if I work hard. The Doctor told me to go back in two weeks and that if I worked at it my tests might be on the right side of the "OH SHIT!" mark!

I don't know. There has to be something in game for me. Eve Online is not a matter of life and death.....

.... its much more important than that ;)

Anyone got any advice for "low stress"/relaxing Eve Online? Does it exist?


  1. I think what you are looking for at this point in life is pirating with stay frosty.

    1. I didn't write that comment btw, but Anon has a good point. :)

    2. Yes, adding Drack to the group would be interesting. Of course, I need to login more than once a month...

  2. Heey, I think all fun aspects of EvE get your heart pumping, adrenaline flowing etc.. Stay Frosty aint a bad idea. I'd stay out of WH-space as my heartrate is always higher in the chain.. Maybe shipspinning, just flying around doing plex's. These things relax me most of the time..

  3. Forum trolling works for me :P

  4. Pirate life I'd pretty stress free.

  5. Hear me out: Low sec Belt ratting. Especially in Sinq Liason.

    Admire the glorious spacescapes, marvel over the asteroids you fly around. Use a frigate to prolong the experience.

    I recommend a link to the Eve soundtracks as well. 'Below the Asteroids' and 'I saw your ship' are wonderful.

    The chillest of chilling activities. Calm, relaxing, and you can make some good money if you find some clone solider rats.

  6. Mining the adventure of a life-time. Visit strange new belts, see the beautiful vista of asteroids and laser them into your cargohold.

    Permits? We ain't got no Permits. We don't need no Permits. I don't have to show you any stinkin' Permits!

    A procurer, well tanked. The calming hum of laser. A pleasant beverage, I sip single malts like Jameson or Laphroaig. Meanwhile, check-list through the industry jobs, the market orders and Planetary Interaction.

  7. Definitely not WH space. That shit fries your nerves. Most paranoid people in a very paranoid game.

  8. I used to quad box a tripple hulk orca setup when I first started many years ago. Very relaxing but remember relaxing is one step from bored which is one step from unsubbing.

  9. If I need to "relax" at eve, I go for helping noobs.
    Sit around in Arnon and help them with the SoE Epic, explain a lot, gift some money... Or, grab a cata, go to the belts, stay behind the miner for 30s and then explain to him, what he had done wrong. Just go out and help and explain. It's usefull, it's fun and you bring your skills into valuable use.

  10. As much as I hate to say this, suicide ganking is very nice and relaxing. Get to kill things, get free ships, and get to let someone else do the work while you just wait to undock a catalyst. I've flown with MiniLuv, and enjoyed it a lot. Best part, its open to the public if you just want to try it out.

    Then to sort your permanently tanked sec status, fly through lowsec and hunt clone soldier tags. Good isk, and easy to do in a T1 cruiser or T3D. It's my usual rest from nullsec.

    Verdis deMosays, [SNOOO]