Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Eve Dubai - Other Things to Do!

Heading away for our 5th Wedding anniversary! Busy, busy, busy! A quick post for anyone thinking of coming to Eve Dubai!

Of course in two weeks the MAIN highlight is the Eve Online meet in Dubai in a little over two weeks. However if you are passing through or in the region and making a short hop and never been, here are some of the must do things in Dubai either side of Eve Dubai. These are photos are from when I have visited the city.

Go up the nearest thing we have to a space elevator.
The Burj Khalifa is the highest building in the world. You need to pre book tickets online to the viewing platform but the views are spectacular! Access is via the Dubai Mall.

Walk through an aquarium.
The Dubai Mall has a fantastic MASSIVE aquarium. It is seriously large and you can go even go scuba diving in it! If you want to keep dry there is a tunnel you can walk through surrounded by sharks, fish and eels!

Go skiing/snowboarding.
The Mall of the Emirates has a real snow ski-slope. No seriously, it has. In the desert!

Stay at a 7* Hotel
I have stayed once at the Burj Al Arab for the wife's birthday. It is an amazing experience. The most luxurious hotel in the world. You only need one kidney right? There's the birthday girl lounging about in the downstairs area of our room (all hotel rooms in the hotel have two floors!!!)

Gold and Spice Souks
Souk is the Arabic term for market. These are well worth a visit although very touristy. Both a complete assault on your senses!

Geek out
The Al Ain Centre also known as Computer Mart is a small mall specialising in computer shops. A mall of computers. You can pick up anything from a server case to the latest Titan GFX card all the way down to 'junk shop' style places that sell second-hand bits and pieces.

Take a water taxi.
If you are going to the gold or spice souks why not take a water taxi across Dubai Creek. Better than being stuck in a taxi on a bridge and you get to see all the old school shipping in wooden boats that still bring goods to Dubai from other Gulf states.

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