Monday, October 12, 2015

Stress Free 1v1s?

Before I begin, a quick update on Eve Dubai. CCP Guard has sent us a swag box all the way from Iceland!

(*Cat not included). Thanks Dude! Now onto todays post...

As I posted last week I need to relax more. As a mostly solo low-sec faction war/-10 player, Eve Online is hardly classified as "relaxing" for me. I need to get the blood pressure down, not up!

I had a thought. OK, I admit in hindsight it was a bad idea, however I thought I'd give it a go.

What if I had no ***** to give. I just flew relatively cheap ships and took fights I'm not expected to win. No pressure therefore no stress? To hell with efficiency! K/D ratios be damned!

I had a plan so logged on. Luckily there was a Gallente Militia pilot in local. I fitted up a close-quarters Kestrel (lost my last one I guess) and undocked. There was nothing on max scan from the undock but I saw an open small plex some 24 AU away. I warped over and scanned as I got near. A Svipul.

OK I couldn't ask for much better. I'm in a 7m ISK frigate and he's in a T3 Destroyer already inside the plex. Normally I would simply go...

... however on my new YOLO I don't give a **** Eve "diet" I activated the gate. Calm down Drack, this is suppose to be stress free. You are warping a Kestrel into a Svipul. This should be a rather short fight! No pressure, you expect to lose badly.

So in I warp in a Leeroy Jenkins style. He's 12km from the warp in. Optimum range for artillery cannons with high DPS ammo. BANG. Before I can do much, most my shield is gone. I set a tight orbit, activate and overheat the afterburner and go for it. BANG! I'm now into armour. Thankfully this Kestrel is armour tanked. Yes, I'm in an armour tanked Kestrel.

My orbit is tight and his guns now have trouble tracking me. I have no damage mods with my tank as it is but I'm chipping away at him. He gets a few light grazes on me but nothing serious. With a scram and dual webs I have him for now.

It appears he can see this and I assume he swaps to propulsion mode. He starts burning away from me slowly even though I have him double webbed. I know I have the damage to kill him before he escapes given the slow amount the distance is increasing, that's not my concern. My concern is that he can make enough range so that he can track me with those 280mm cannons he's got strapped to that thing. My AB already has heat damage which also has leached to the webs and scram. I overheat the missiles and the AB for a couple of cycles keeping close watch on the damage. Its proving a struggle to keep in tight orbit, those Svipuls can move!

He starts bleeding into structure and posts in local he's sick of losing ships. 

He explodes and gets his pod out. I go to type GF in local and struggle.

My hands are shaking too much to type. 


Lessons learnt.

1. T2 Polycarbon rigs make Svipuls fast.
2. You can have a great 1v1 in a T1 frigate vs a T3 destroyer... if you are really lucky with fits.
3. Stress free solo PvP in Eve Online does not exist for me.

On my post last week a lot of people gave me lots of advice for things I could do. Need to pick another of the list to try!


  1. Dont think stress free exists in a multiplayer pvp at all. At the very least there is some anxienty. Closest to relaxing i get is playing heroes 3 vs pc.

  2. Great encounter, a bit of stress or not.

  3. RvB. I dropped a few hundred million in the cheapest fit frigates I could come up with, no meta above 1 if possible, on an alt in a staging system and just lemming the things for a lark when I'm bored. I don't even try to win the fights, if I get a kill its by utter accident. I've so many stacks of the things it just doesn't register as a loss or anything to worry about. Sooner or later I'll have to restock it, but that's a long way off, and in the meantime that huge stockpile acts as a psychological reserve to just not give a flying.....