Wednesday, December 30, 2015

2015 - A Quiet Year

Just a short one today. My Goon colleague (grrrrrr) is away for the festive season so work is a bit hectic. I usually do a year in review for my last post of 2015. Is there really much to say about this year?

2015 started with a bang for me. I had just joined the Caldari and the Gallente were trying to capture the forward operating base. It was constant fighting day and night in the plex. I got 212 kills in the first month of the tear and then the Gallente gave up... and my Eve mojo vanished as quickly as the targets did.

It was now difficult to get a fight. I'd log on, roam, not find anything logout. Fanfest in March revitalised me a little, but the fact I was having issues finding fights in my TZ was a problem. July was only notable for a couple of pods I caught. Other than those it was a few trash-fit and not much else. Then the summer lull came and my kills soon dropped to two a month.

Things stayed like that for a while. I did get lucky and solo a Svipul with a rocket Kestrel somehow.

By the start of the holiday season I knew something had to change. So I decided to give those piwats in Stay Frosty a try. One week and a bit in, things are good. Then again Caldari Militia was good at this time of the year. When everything returned to normal I was left with stabbed farmers and trash-fits in my TZ. Will it happen again. Will action fall off when everyone goes back to work or will the gf's continue?

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