Monday, December 7, 2015


No, I'm not dead!

As I said in an earlier post I am back in the UK for a week. My plan was normal blogging service. Then I got to my brothers new house and found that the internet hadn't been installed. Worse still, the mobile signal and the internet it provided was on a par with the late 1990's.

Finally there is no pub in his village or anywhere providing WiFi. Therefore I have hardly been able to use Twitter and email never-mind and sort of browsing that needed more than an 'E' signal on the mobile phone.

I'm back to civilisation now (London) returning to the real sandbox, where they have mobile internet, so normal service will resume later this week!


  1. Glad to hear you are back. My Friday was a mess after realizing there would be no fiction...

    1. Sorry. Had a draft I was going to upload Friday but not even eve-agents website (that I use for naming characters) would load :/