Monday, December 21, 2015

Stayin' Frosty

This time last year I had chosen a new corp after a lot of research. I was after more action and some fleets given QCats had gone very quiet. In fact I even made a graph showing the various possible corps kills and loses in my TZ for a selected three day period. It looked like TEMPLIS was the most active... and it was... for a while.

What I didn't know at the time was that it was an unusual time for TEMPLIS. The Gallente Militia were trying to capture their home system. I joined them on Boxing Day and had nearly 70 kills in the next week. January I got hundreds of kills. February was "a lot". The big push was meaning there were fights happening around the clock. Then the Gallente Militia gave up trying to take Hasmijalla. It was like a tap being turned off. My PvP tap.

It went really quiet, really quickly. I stuck with Templis but I had to work for my PvP and with various factors in 2015, I really couldn't be bothered. I'd log on and be lucky to see three or four in corp. The GMT +4 timezone is not a busy place. However I still logged on, I still killed frogs, I still got kersplatted.

As December came around this year I decide to move on. Nothing wrong with TEMPLIS, simply it is not as busy enough in my TZ as I expected. Good bunch of guys, just tend to be active when I'm in bed or when I'm just getting up for work. 7am fleet? Yeah not going to work for me as I'm in the office for that time. So the morale of the story is don't trust graphs.

This time, no research, no graphs, no messing. I've moved over to that bunch of bloody pirates Stay Frosty. Obviously I joined at a weekend close to Christmas so waiting to see, but so far things look good. The market is surprisingly good for a low-sec system and high-sec is next-door with Jita 8 jumps away. Alt runs for missing items are now a lot easier. Plenty of alliance and corpies on in my TZ (something I have been missing) and most importantly it appears there is plenty of PvP action in the area. What is more there are more people flying T1 frigates and destroyers looking for good fights. Around Black Rise I was finding that the new Navy EAF and Command Destroyers were VERY popular. The EAF are really hard to counter and Command Destroyers are just as bad. You need to scram them to hold them down but they are fast. So you need a fast ship with a scram. Oh and they have decent DPS so you need a fast ship with a scram and a good tank. So basically you need a Command Destroyer really. Or you can always use a Navy EAF. Serve them up death by slow agonising kite or by jam.

I've jumped in a couple of carrier loads of ships and things are looking good. Providing people don't start turning up en-mass in Command Destroyers and EAF looks like I could have some fun here.

Oh wait. I appear to have saved a few billion ISK after a few good years in the Pod and Planet contest. You know what they say....

... If you can't beat them... join them...


  1. Welcome aboard my friend. We aren't fancy and we aren't always the best, but we never pretend to be anything other than what we are - a bunch of knucklehead Pirates looking for good fights and having fun. Always remember that wider Alliance, so if you need help or support or anything, feel free to ask in Alliance chat. Our other corps are just like SF in attitude and approach to the game. We really are one big family.

    Our presence brings a lot of activity to the region and the pipes are always active somewhere all the way down thru Verge or elsewhere. Activity can vary from time to time, but it is pretty consistent.

    Hope you enjoy your time and I hope we get to fly together soon.