Monday, December 28, 2015

I Don't Love Gooooold!

I was watching Bond last night. Thunderball to be exact. Having bought the TV-mad wife a 55" UHD telly with a Blu-Ray player and the complete Bond collection we are having a Bond marathon. This was after Christmas Dinner Mk II. Out here in the desert we have Christmas Dinner with friends, eight of us this year. However the wife and I also like to have a smaller one for ourselves a few days later. As I was cooking Christmas Dinner MK II I was on Eve undocking and having a little roam in between basting the turkey and checking on the veggies. I'd left Drack logged in and got a Tweet as Bond and Largo were exchanging quips.

"Is that your Executioner in the Novice?"

Obviously not, as I was on the sofa unable to move after eating my own body-weight in turkey, ham and trimmings. Also I very rarely fly Amarr. In fact, hardly ever! This got me thinking, when was the last time I was in one?

I looked back through my kills and loses. The last time I lost an Amarr hull was December the 26th. So Boxing Day.... 2013. Its been over two years since I lost a Amarr ship, I just don't fly them very much. I trust in the rust more than gold by far!

I know I fly Gallente and Matari a lot. Caldari some. Amarr hardly ever. I have level 5 in most skills so its not skill related. So far in December looking at my kills and loses I've flown the following hulls and actually PvP'd in them:-

Navy Maulus
Federation Navy Comet

So why don't I fly Amarr? I cannot explain it. I do have Amarr ships in my hanger. These include:-


May be I should give one a go! Right let's undock that Vengeance and try and get a fight! Oh look, a Kestrel in a novice. Well I could ignore it and.... bollocks, so much for this experiment.

"Docking Request Accepted"

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