Monday, June 6, 2016

Solo, 17 Jumps, What's the Worst That Could Happen?

So with Stay Frosty moved home I need to move some ships. Plan is to log on, jump clone back to Isho to see what I can fly to our new home and blog whether I DIAF or murder someone's spaceship.

Erm..... feck it. I'll take the Flabber and see what happens! UNDOCK!

First stop Uuna. Nothing interesting to see here as I'm the only person in local. Onto Manjonakko! 6 others in local but its a station system. Nothing on scan at the in-gate. Nothing on scan at the out gate... erm....


FFS! Log back in. Nothing on scan at the out gate... again! Mushikegi has a couple of frigates inside a novice plex which accounts for everyone in system. Okkamon has 23, might get interesting. Nope, all docked up other than a destroyer running a plex. Onto Reitsato. 8 others in system, nothing at scan on either gate. Kedama has a lonely frozen corpse on the in gate. 18 in system, probably Tama gate camp? Eos command ship at a safe mid-system, nothing on scan from out gate.

Ah my old stomping grounds of Nisuwa. 13 in system, Firetail in one of the plex probably, a few open. Onto Oinasiken! Oin's not changed in the years I've been away, farmers farming in Atron's they've not even bother to rename... or fit probably. Oh a Tristan too. Lets see Abune. A few in local but destroyer and frigate. There is a Citadel here! Gates all empty. Heydieles the same but its only 75k between the gates.

12 in system, lots flashy. Hawk on gate goes for point. However I've already checked scan. Boosts on scan as well as Rapier and Curse and more. I manage to warp off. Straight to their camp sat at the next gate! I attempted to warp away but the Curse has me. More land, some jump through. Yeah I'm buggered! I jump the gate and there are even more there. Proper camp both sides! I launch drones and engage knowing its useless. Too many against my wittle cruiser.

Get my pod out and GF in local which is met with stoney Russian silence. Next system in route is completely empty! Typical! Its a pod slow boat now for the four remaining jumps. Oh well, could be worse... wait... I jumped into my capital ship clone didn't I as that was the last one left in Isho?

Oh....... FFFFFFFFFFF.......

P.S. Cap Ship Clone made it home safely!


  1. Hmmmm …. Reading, yep your moving, …. Mmmmhhhmmm, empty systems, GATE CAMP, shit well executed gate camp, ahhh Russian gate camp, yep, been there … capital pilot pod, uhhmmmm yea, hmmm, FUCK ME! SCARY CLOWN! WITH TEETH! … and yet … so titillating.


    PS I always seem to find the Smart Bombing fuck in his BS the next gate over in a POD, seems your luck held out this trip