Monday, June 27, 2016

The June Update

Sorry for being quiet recently! Been back to the UK for a conference. Back in the sandpit now so normal service will resume if I can find the motivation to log on...

Actually we've got a big update coming this week. Lets jump onto SiSi and see if there is anything there that tickles my fancy! This is not an exhaustive list, just what catches my eye as I skim through the patch notes.

New Docking Animations.
Now as a sci-fi geek I like these. I fully expect if I looked on the forums there are ZOMGWTFCCP???? posts for people who hate them. My only niggle is the animation when swapping to your pod. Shouldn't that come from the pod gantry in the CQ CCP? Mmmmmm?

New Lighting Effects.
Now these are pretty cool too. Your hanger is a lot more atmospheric and the booster/engine lighting from your ship is a lot more realistic... not that you spend much time zoomed into your engines. The picture below shows the light on the underside of the hull from the bottom boosters.

New Rat Capitals.
Serpentis super carrier, dreadnought and titan will be coming. I expect they'll mostly be popping up in null mostly. Will have to wait and see how the ratters enjoy these babies!

Oh yesh yesh yesh! The ability to fit up a number of ships the way you want. Can fit fleets of Thrashers in a couple of clicks!

Boosters Legal in Hi-Sec
Boosters have been illegal in high-sec and caused some interesting incidents such as the time a friend accidently jumped his Rhea full of boosters into hi-sec, then misclicked on the customs threat to hand over the drugs or be destroyed. Whoopsie! Might push the price down a bit?

Balancing and Improvements
Lot of capital balancing from fighters to modules. Some improvements to citadels such as direct trade and redeeming. Oh yes, and you can reprocess titans in Citadels now! That would be an awesome misclick :) CCP, can you put the 'reprocess' option next to 'repair' in the right-click menu!

Opportunities and Events
As well as the Shadow of the Serpentis creating new combat sites and roaming pie gangs there are the new Scope opportunities which give the bears something to do!

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  1. Glad to see you back. Was about to post something to see if you were still out there. I think you're wrong about the boosters. I don't see the supply of them changing much but with them being legal in high sec I can see the demand increasing. Therefore, I see this change increasing the cost of boosters.