Sunday, July 17, 2016

And Now For Something....

.... completely different!

I'm not finding low-sec PVP any fun at the minute at all. Its dead and I've not been enjoying it for a while. Drackarn is cloaking up for the summer. He's going to ruin his current clone on a binge of vodka and high-class escorts!

I was going to give Eve a break too. However on one of the previous posts people made some suggestions and there is one thing I've not tried in Eve - wormholes. Here I introduce Cat. My Guardian/Archon/Revelation/Legion alt.

She's cropped up a few times in my fiction too!

A few issues to sort first. Primary one is she cannot fit T2 medium lasers! The Legion was a boosting ship and you only need Medium 4 to progress onto capital sized guns which she has at 5. Not much use in a Legion obviously.

Her core skills are good as are drones (as you'd expect from a carrier alt). So I can fix that with some skill injectors (has it really come to this?).

I also have my probing alt with perfect skills!

A Legion combat pilot with a prober to support her. Perfect. Now... what the smeg do I do next? Find a wormhole I guess? Actually some ship fits too. Combat Legion and a wormhole probing ship? I have no idea. To Google I guess!

P.S. Rixx don't kick me! ;)


  1. You can join the ABA corp NJED :) i'm sure they would love you onboard.

  2. For all that is good and pure in this world, don't get skill injectors. Now, a combat legion is not truly an awesome PVP T3. But you can certainly motor around in wormholes with a cloaky version. Or, you can look at the bonused neut version of the boat. That version has no bonus for guns, so you can choose your best gun type. (autocannons?)

    Only problem with that boat is pure DPS is really low, so you have to pick your targets.

  3. Release your inner pirate, start hunting down site runners and ratters!