Tuesday, July 5, 2016


Eve Online gives you trust issues. In a game where the developers actually state "scamming, confidence tricks and theft are permitted in EVE Online" along with the Greater Internet Dickwad Theory, it's a harsh place.

I was trying to think who do I really trust in Eve? I can probably count them on one had. Through various charities and  fundraisers I've donated stuff, ISK and real life money to Lexx, Rixx and Sindel. So I guess I trust those. But really struggling to think of anyone else I trust in-game.

Looks like I have good reason to. Firstly I'd been betrayed before by a "friend". Secondly CCP have two posts regarding scams this month. Firstly aimed at players using "charity" scams here and also interestingly at 3rd party developers here.

The single sign in thing has always got me jittery. I vastly dislike typing my account name and password into anything but the launcher and the account management page. That's how I access any 3rd party site, log onto CCP first then go to the 3rd party.

I wonder if there has been a naughty developer?

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  1. I suppose it depends on how you define "trust" in EVE. There are a few real life friends I would trust with unsecured assets I suppose in game, though none of them are subscribed currently. To a lesser degree every day I undock I put my trust in a lot of people, corp mates, people in my alliance, and allies, to not shoot me, scam me, or otherwise lead me astray. Not trusting anybody to any degree would lead to a lonely life in New Eden. On the flip side, I'm not handing out my login credentials on a whim either.