Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Call for Blog Banter Topics

Have you got a topic you'd like the Eve Online bloggers to discuss? I asked on Twitter yesterday and got a few potential topics:-

Have you got a better one? The itteh bitteh blog banter committeh (well me and two other guys I email asking what they think of 3 or 4 potential topics each month) are leaning to "ZOMG EVE IZ DYING" given the loss of pre-Incarna vets and the newer players who, as suggested by others, are not as invested in Eve. Immigrants vs. colonists?

Given my current state of mind probably best I'm not let loose on that topic! Any of the Tweets above make you think "That would be interesting" or have you your own burning topic?

I need to have a topic sent out Friday to the Banterers so please let me have them... providing you're not all out chasing Pokemon!


  1. How about asking what does it mean to be "invested in Eve"? I'm a solo player. I've been playing for over three years; I log in four or five days a week for a few hours at a time. But I don't PvP, I'm still in an NPC corp, and there is almost no one in my Buddy List; I just enjoy undocking and wondering around, doing whatever happens. So am I "invested"?

    1. Being invested means feeling the need to keep playing so what you've achieved is not wasted.

      Achievement is a personal thing. It may be your assets ingame. It may be your characters. It may be your buddies. It may be your abbility to do something.

      Investment is the drive to keep the reward you get from paying a subscription and login in and doing whatever you do.

      The more invested you are, the lesser abbility you ahve to shrug it and walk away.

      Look at me. Haven't paid nor logged in for over two years, and yet I still bother to keep up to date with news and development, and spit my thoughts about it all.

      That's a way of ivnestment too.

  2. LOL, I *obviously* think that the best posible topic is "inmigrants vs colonists, are post-Incarna players as invested in EVE as are/were the dwindling numbers of veterans who built the game as we know it?"

    I've been unsubscribed for over two years since I saw clearly that the Rubicon plan had nothing for me. Neither haves it for an amazing large majority of players who don't fleet up, nor PvP, nor control space, nor have the least interest in those activities. All that looks relevant because the 10% who have been doing it for 10 years have got a more than friendly ear within CCP.

    Yet a sandbox is made of what players do with it. And EVE players do PvE, and fly alone, and rarely mess with each other, and refuse to leave highsec, and so and so. Yet that, the 90% of the sandbox, has been backburned so space empire building gangs get more shit to shoot at. Although they are a financially unsustainable minority of the playerbase and thus of EVE's income. Although new blood avoids them or is burned out by them faster than it comes to this game which is less 'unique' and more 'fringe' than it was five years ago.

    What is EVE if you don't like Rubicon content, "build your dreams and wreck theirs"? It's old, very old or Mindboggingly Old. It's boring. Is largely ignored by the developers. Generally is scorned or ignored by the voices speaking publicly. Often is messed with and nerfed when is required to develop further the Rubicon content. And it haves no future.

    That's how CCP treats the vast majority of their income. The vast majority of their customers.

    Not suprisingly, a company that treats its customers poorly, is treated poorly too. Their customers quit often. They don't talk positively of the product nor recommend it. Some even may talk against it. Generally they don't care a lot, and don't get involved a lot.

    Inmigrants don't feel they owe anything to a land that welcomes them with second class citizenship. A land that was built well before they started, by a dwindling amount of colonists which just keep leaving but never loose their grasp on power.

    Whatever CCP develops, veteran players will exploit it better, stronger, sooner, will own it. And what's not theirs to be owned or exploited, it is ignored.

    Until it no longer matters and comes death by meh.

  3. One of my readers sent me this one.

    "Would EVE online benefit from a hard reset? If CCP dumped everyone into the Eve of today armed only with our knowledge of the game, would that be fun or would it diminish the 'real EVE'? What concessions, if any, would CCP need to make for those who spent money on the game over the years?"

  4. EVE needs war. War attracts new players; masses of metal carcasses scattering across the sky. This keeps the old players entertained and the new players coming. Everything CCP changes should be aimed at pushing players out to the fringes of space and in to conflicts.

  5. Something Mike just said on Reddit:

    "Goals are missing in Eve because they are the thing YOU set. How the hell do we teach that?"

    It's not "Eve is dying", but it's one of the root problems.

    1. That's only half of the problem. The other half is that EVE only allows to fulfill two kinds of goals:

      - earn virtual assets
      - grief other players

      That's it. There's 100+ "professions" in EVE and all of them can be boiled down to one or both of the above. Earn virtual shit. Fuck strangers.

      And most of the time is not even fun.

  6. this one comes from WWB and its aftermath.

    Is it unfair to label the MBC CFC 2.0?

    Personally I think it is because of two main differences.

    1. Lack of a single leader.
    In my mind the MBC has always been a disparate group who just happened to share a common enemy. Lenny himself, while undoubtedly providing the money, was not the only one making strategic decisions and individual alliances were largely left alone to accomplish goals their own way.

    2. The MBC doesnt stifle conflict between its members.
    One of the things that always struck me about the 'blue doughnut' complaints was how it was somehow ok to have a coalition that controlled as much space as the CFC did and completely forbid its members to fight one another even for fun. Combine that with standard EVE 'hes not one of us so keep him out of our space' paranioa and you had large areas where aboslutely nothing ever happened.

    Yes the MBC controls a huge amount of territory, I wont try and deny that, but at least they try to let things happen inside it.

  7. I would suggest "The Malaise" which is not exactly Eve is Dying. I would like to see this topic has open as possible, but at personal prospective. It means if you accept this topic - I'll have to contribute. C'est La Vie.