Monday, July 11, 2016

The Mojo is Empty

Really running on empty with my Eve mojo lately. Looks like I'm not the only one. Take a glance at the blog list to the right, a lot have gone quiet. I'm logged on now and flying around in a Tristan but it's just not fun.

Empty systems, nothing new, just the vastness of space. Obviously some new carebear stuff with these Serpentis sites everywhere... but nothing grabbing me. Most systems are empty. Seeing a couple of people about but not many.

Neither really a good fight against my Tristan.
Oooooo! A Slasher in one of those Serpentis thingies!

Cover me I'm going in..... huh? A Citadel, lots of rats, no Slasher! FFS

Onwards and upwards!

Ishtar and a Proteus.
Republic Fleet Firetail? Probably not a good one in this fit.

Think I'll swap ships. 15 jumps and only one T1 frigate spotted.

"The socket was closed"

Log back in and a Rifter on scan! Actually lots of combat scanner probes out, Vagabonds and boosting ships. Rifters gone! Oh well lets "trust in the rust" and see what there is.

Not looking to 1v2 a pair of boosted Vaga's so I move on. Lets try a high-sec border system.


Bollocks to it!


  1. Older, highly involved players quit. And the post-Incarna children are in no way as much involved. They were inmigrants, not colonists, to a game that was already built rather than in development. So they just stay for a while and quit. EVE is not their game, it is the game of people who played it 10 years ago, literally.

    By catering to those people, CCP has driven away everybody else. The list of grievances is so long that not even 3 CCPs could sort it fast enough. And the CCP we know doesn't even haves a plan to recognize those grievances.

    Neither it matters. The writing is on the wall and says "Death by meh".

    It's just a game after all.

  2. Sub lapsed 3 months ago. Been reading the news of the happenings around the game, but haven't even been tempted to log in or resub. I feel you bro.

  3. Try something new? Go to a new kind of space or give yourself a target on what you want to do?

    I was being quiet due to me not being in a corporation and not in the space I wanted to be. I now have a reason to log on again and am loving every second of it. Even looking forward to coming home from work just to play eve. Haven't been like that in ages

  4. It the summer ,everyone is soaking up some sun, taking time off or running around town to cash them all.
    And then you expect to find anyone online?
    Now is the time to carebear, for there are no more hunters left.

  5. are we missing the next part of Friday Fiction ????

    1. Was on holiday last week. Normal service to resume!

  6. Only suggestion I can make is to join Eve Uni. You may get a spark rekindled if you are teaching noobs, rather than looking for fights against dwindling amounts of vet's.

  7. Relax - its summer?

    Take some time out, chase some Pokemon, go for a hike, drink, soak up the sunshine. People will trail back when the cold northern winter drives them indoors again.

    I periodically leave eve, for months at a time. Usually over summer, and when I come back its usually fun for at least 6 months...