Monday, November 28, 2016

7bn ISK on a Moa?

First off... its not usually a great idea to stick 7 billion ISK worth of mods on a T1 cruiser especially if you are flying around low-sec. This sort of thing can happen...

So what difference did 6bn ISK make? What difference does not one, not two, but three 1.6bn Tuvan's Modified Power Diagnostic System make to this PvP fit?

Well for his fit we get in EFT:-

EHP 16,901 with 56/66/76/79 EM/T/K/Ex resists
549 EHP/Sec with the repper
Cap lasts 3m with MWD and 8 mins without
DPS 336
Top speed 1594

So what difference is T2 (other than nearly 7bn ISK?). Problem here is his fit doesn't work replacing the officer and deadspace mods with with plain T2. CPU and PG are well out.

What would I go with? Heavy Neutrons in the highs with Void, LSE/Scram/Web/MWD/Invuln in the mids, Mag Stab x 2/PDU and DCU in the lows, EM/Therm/Extender rigs.

EHP 33,784 with 66/73/71/76 resists
79 EHP/Sec as passive tank
Cap lasts 1:35 with MWD but stable at 47% without prop mod off
DPS 554
Top speed 1573

Of course the difference is the cost. I can buy 163 of my Moa for one of his. He's known to run a Crystal set so that'll make the fit better. His repping goes from 549 to 852 EHP/Sec with a full high-grade set and that is a lot of tank.

However.... 7bn on a Moa? Yeah, I'll stick to 163 plain ones thanks.

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