Thursday, November 10, 2016

Sunesis Test Drive

The new SoCT destroyer is on the test server. A dessy anyone can use (including 'filthy casual' alpha clones). It has a 4-4-4 slot layout and can be shield, armour or hull tanked. My first test was an oversized AB arty fit. Basically similar to a 10mn Arty Thrasher.

I cam across a Hecate and it was a good fight. I lost but it was one of those that I would have popped him on the next gun cycle, he just managed to get there first. Given the low skill requirements for a ship, it did rather well against a T3.

Next I tried a similar fit but rather than a shield booster I went for a passive hull tank. Dropping the guns from T2's to scouts allowed me to go with dual web.

300 DPS with warriors and 10k EHP.  Speedo tops out at 1700m/sec and is cap stable. 

Now to find a gud fite! Lots of Golem's and other BS but not a lot of small stuff :(

Find a Navy Slicer but he's kity. Load Sabot ammo and he decides not worth it and disengages as he reaches structure and I'm hull tanking like I real man. I go back to station and rep up.

Out again.. next up a Phantasm. Yeah.... that went....

Managed to escape but only just. So conclusion.... Sunesis doesn't make as good an over-sized AB dessy as the Thrasher!

Next up, how about as a drone boat. Went up against the Phantasm again and this time....

He disengaged but it went a lot better although I think that was more piloting error on his part. Not sure the Sunesis is going to be as popular as the Gnosis but we'll see.

P.S. Still dislike the new Aura voice. "Warp drive.... ACTIVE!" is bad enough but "DockingPermissionRequested" is starting to grate too. Take a breath love!

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