Friday, May 10, 2013

A Quick Look at Odyssey on SiSi

This is post two of two for todays special "double header". My usual Fan Fiction Friday entry is posted below this one!

On Wednesday night CCP uploaded a raft of Odyssey changes onto the test server. These are listed below from the Eve-O forum thread. Those tagged with ** are ones I looked at and have blogged about below.

Team Five 0 - Sensor Overlay**, Tags for Security status**, Resource re-balance, POS improvements.

Team Game of Drones - Pirate Rookie Frigates**, Skill Changes to every ship in the game**, If you could fly it before you can fly it now**, Destroyers and Battlecruiser skills were split into 4 racial variants. Users can expect to be in ships for which they do not have all prerequisite skills**, Skill reimbursement will apply in certain specific scenarios**, New Navy Battlecruisers**, Tier 3 Battlecruisers rebalanced (now Attack Battlecruisers), Cruise Missile Changes**, Large Energy Turret Changes, Tier 1 Battleship rebalance

Team Pony Express - System Transitions**, Radial Menu**

Team Superfriends - Seven probes launched at once, Scan Probe Formations, Probe Scanner window changes, Deep Space Probe removal, Survey Probes in their own group & have their own launcher, Salvaging mini profession sites have all been removed, Astrometrics skill changes, Exploration site signature changes, NPC spawns are removed from mini profession sites, New Decryptors in hacking sites, New Capital Rig BPCs in Archaeology sites, Personal Hangar Array

So below is what I sampled in my first go:-

Sensor Overlay
Awesome! Just awesome! As you undock or jump the sensor sweep is conducted in a visual form. Think of it like a 3D radar sweep that visually sweeps around a bubble several hundred kilometres from your ship. Ah feck it, too difficult to describe, here are 4 screenshots in rapid succession to show it!

Warpable objects like faction war plex show up green crosses and scannable objects as yellow. You can still click the scanner button, but now you have a choice of four options on a radial menu.

Top options turns the in-space visuals on or off. The other three buttons are simply the old direction scanner, system scanner and moon survey which used to be one window with tabs. Nice and easy now.

You can mouse-over signatures in space and it gives you further options as well as scan strength if its not warpable

Tags for Sec
Obviously you'll need to collect several of these to be useful. I fitted a Navy Hurricane, more on them in a bit, and undocked and warped to the top belt in my home system. Guess what I found!

Yup first belt and we have one of the new rats in a Gila-ish ship. My Hurricane kerbstomped him as expected and I got the tag.

I then did all connecting systems and found only plain rats. Next day I searched seven low-sec systems and couldn't find any. They are fairly rare currently. I guess I got lucky in my first undock! That means these tags are going to be very expensive unless CCP up the spawn rate.

Edit - However, whilst testing the Navy BC's below I found another one..... in my home system..... in the top belt again! May be CCP set them to only spawn in the top belt. How awesome would that be? Want tags? You need to sit in top belt lol!

Pirate Rookie Ships
Yes they are here. Yes they are rookie ships. No I'm not really interested in them! They look OK though.

Skill Changes and New Skills
Gone are the Destroyer and Battlecruiser skills. The new racial varients are added and I'm jumped a few million skill points and have the new skills! MOAR LVL V L33TN355!

I could fly all destroyers and battlecruisers before, I still can. CCP did what they said on the tin here! But wait, what about the skill changes to other ships like Command Ships.

The Nighthawk now needs level 5 on the link skills which I don't have. My link skills are all 4's! But I could fly a Nighthawk pre-Odyssey.....

.... and I still can even though I don't meet the revised prerequisites!

New Navy BC's
Lovely! We have the old Hurricane back with a new camouflage paint job. But seriously, why have jungle camo in space? Anyway, I'm just happy to have the old pre-nerf Cane back.

Quick play with them (I didn't spend long thinking on fits, I just threw together simple PvP fits) and I found...

Navy Brutix. 1000dps blaster fit (void) with Hamnmerhead T2's. MWD. 64k EHP which jumps to 82k with active explosive hardener.

Navy Drake. 550dps out to 30km. MWD. Found CPU a bit tight. 77k EHP?

Navy Cane. 600dps with artillery and Hobs giving optimal at 17km. AB. 72k EHP.

Navy Harbinger. 720dps with IN Multi Frequency Hammerheads with 8km optimal. Scorch 24km optimal. 88k EHP.

Cruise Missiles
Cruise missiles have always been a PvE weapon with no place in PvP. Slow and easy to avoid very few serious PvP players ever used them. But now? Fast with a massive range and tweaked stats. May be we'll see a new breed of sniper BS? Who knows? 800DPS for a sniper?

System Transitions
For Sci-Fi geeks, this is p0rn! You're ship vanishes into the wormhole as before. Now the screen swings to look down the stargate (V3'd with distortion effects now) as it powers up. Lightning jumps from the gate and it fires you into a warp tunnel with more lighning effects before spitting you out at your destination system. AWESOME! NERD BONER!!!!

Those moaning about motion sickness. HTFU! Capsuleers don't have that problem, ordinary humans do! ;P

Radial Menu's
The radial menus have been improved a lot. A single click in space or on the overview highlights the object. Click and hold brings up the radial menu.

I also notice that the targeted object display flashes as the target is destroyed. Is that new?

So there are the bits I sampled. Like the pics? See the comedy one in there? Well when you try the new stargate transitions I challenge you not to hum the theme tune!

Na-na-na! Naaaaa-naaaaaa! Na-na-na-na-na-na-na 


  1. make this new space only for the bigest aliances (cost of buildng stargate), and extremly profitable.
    when they all deploy there - destroy the gate and and the blue donut is gone .....

  2. ummm, I don't think the new stargates are in odessey.

    1. They were uploaded onto SiSi along with the other Odyssey changes. And they look awesome!

  3. Dude the pirate rookie ships have been on Tranq since before fanfest...